Thieves use their speed, stealth, and intelligence to their own advantage. Their stealth and agility allows them to gain the upper hand in any battle by positioning themselves in advantageous position against any foe. Thieves count on close quarters combat to search out weak spots within an enemy's defense and exploit it to their own needs. It's not easy to find a thief and by the time you see one, it may already be too late.


Bandits are thieves that desire the attention that comes with power. By using their cunning ways, acquired as a thief, they are able to manipulate their way closer to their enemies. Bandits, like thieves, still thrive on their close encounters and therefore, use claws as their primary weapon.


Highly dangerous up close, Infiltrators are masters of close combat. They are able to attack in lethal combinations due to their lightning quick speed and dangerous weapons. They are professionals at being stealthy and attempt to use a variety of poisons to kill a massive number of enemies.


Rogues, as Bandits do, enjoy being clever. Sometimes that has been seen as a sense of humor. Their style of combat has evolved into a set of aerial attacks. Rogues prefer to engage their enemies while in the air. The battle is usually over before their enemies hit the ground.


Assassins have a wide range of skills that allow them to deal ranged and close damage. They are able to change their forms and use another, different skill set to accomplish their tasks. Assassins also gain use of projectile weapons in case they are unable to meet their enemies head on.


Savages have discovered that their clever nature allowed them to gain demonic support from another realm of existence. Although they appear to look weak at first glance, they should never be underestimated. By using their newfound powers, they can unleash a flurry of uncontrolled power against anyone that stands in their way.


The speed of a Ninja has been known throughout time to be legendary. In a blink of an eye, the Ninja could have a blade at your throat and then gone in an instant. Ninjas can also command an army of followers to attack from the front and from the side. Masters of stealth and surprise, Ninjas can strike down their foes with a ferocity that is unrivaled.