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Warriors are always in pursuit of raw strength and power. They specialize in close melee combat and try to overpower their foes with brute strength. Their abundance of health and use of battle armor allow them to absorb a multitude of attacks. The warriors balance in offensive and defensive abilities make them the ideal class for most combat situations.


Knights focus their strength on survival. Their health bonus allows them to absorb more damage than any other class and at the same time, be able to strike down heavily against their enemies. They are road blocks that protect the party from enemies.


Gladiators salivate at the sight of raw power. Their skills focus on producing huge combos and killer attacks. They have relinquished the shield to take upon themselves, massive two-handed weapons. Though they have destructive power, they have lost sight of the speed of battle. Gladiators attack slower than their counterparts, the Knight.


Paladins provide a firm foundation for a good party. Their defensive and supportive capabilities help keep their party afloat. The use of different types of auras allows the Paladin to buff their teammates as well as themselves.


Myrmidons have long lost sight of defense being a necessity. To be successful, they feel that they need to impose their power with brutal attacks to strike fear in their opponents. Myrmidons cherish the fact that even if an attack missed, fatal damage has been done to the confidence of their opponent.


Dragoons admire the defensive and offensive capabilities of a dragon. Defensively, they design their armor to imitate the nearly unbreakable dragon scales of the dragon. Offensively, they use ancient techniques to call upon the potent power of the dragon.


Overlords feel that a battle is not won during the fight, but, before the battle begins. They train rigorously in an attempt to control their rage and manipulate it into a new source of power. It is believed that engaging an Overlord is like battling a bloodthirsty demon.