Friends with Benefits Bonus Month!


Grand Prize Raffle Winner: Adept07

Having friends in real life is just as important as having friend ingame. So why not invite as many people as possible to join you in your favorite title! Starting October 1st through October 31st all friends you bring to the play with you, using your special referral link may get you free Dragon Saga items and even free Dragon Saga points!*
Free Item Mall Points:
Using the Friends with Benefits program, if you recruit a friend during October and they make a payment, we will give you 30% of the WP Energy value they purchased instead of the usual 10%!*

Item Bonus for Recruiting friends:
And the gifts don’t stop there! For each friend you bring to Dragon Saga, you'll have one extra member to join in the Dragon Fellowship and share in your journey!

Every friend recruited using your special link will also enter your account into a raffle to win Angel Costume Set [Premium]**
In addition the more friends you bring, the greater the reward!

For Recruiting 3 Friends:
  • 1x Costume Weapon Gasha Box
    • Contains one of the following:
    • Boss's Golf Club
    • Owl Staff
    • Restricted Area Sign
    • Octopus Bow
    • Dryer Crossbow
    • Gourd
    • Steel Food Tray
For Recruiting 5 Friends:
  • 3 Friend bonus and 1x Soul Crafting Package
    • Contains the following:
    • 50x Weapon Enchant Dust
    • 100x Armor Enchant Dust
    • 10x Soul Boxes (999Souls each)
For Recruiting 10+ Friends:

Friend Bonus for Leveling:
Helping your friend level up ingame has never been this rewarding! During the event period every friend you recruited using your link that levels a character to level 20+ will receive a special Pet Package! But not to worry you are not left empty handed as an added bonus you will receive 5x Jack's Bean for each!
  • Pet Package Contains:
    • Chubby Ghost Pet Egg Lv.20
    • Pet Name Changer

The more friends you help reach level 20, the more Jack's Beans you will receive.

Log into and click here to learn more info on how you can share your referral link and start playing with your friends and earning rewards while you are at it!

*Bonus points and rewards will all be distributed after the event period.

**Each friend recruited must create an account, and level a character to level 20 or more during the month of October to qualify as an entry into the raffle. There is no limit on how many friends you can recruit and no limit on how many entries into the raffle.

Devices found creating mutiple fake account will result in suspension. A finite # of accounts can be created from a single device before they are flagged for investigation. If too many are created all accounts associated to the device are suspended automatically. There will be no warnings.

Begins: Oct 1st 12:01am PDT
Ends: Oct 31st 11:59pm PDT