New Origins: Phase 2 & Thanksgiving Event!


New Origins updates are now complete. Dragonkin are complete and new Dungeons & Mission maps are ready to be explored. Now comes the fun part, the event after the update!

From November 15th - December 13th, you're going to get a Thanksgiving Surprise Box and a Consumable Gasha Box!

Requirements: Human level 10+ and/or Dragonkin 21+*

Each day of the event just for logging in you will receive a special Gasha box which contains:

1-10 Locked Thanksgiving Surprise Box
Box contains one of the following:
-Soul Box x20
-Soul Box x10
-Enchant Insurance Scroll x2
-Megaphone x10
-Reinforced Megaphone x7
-Safety Foam x5
-Gada Coin x5
-Soul x150
-Armor Enchant Powder x6
-Weapon Enchant Powder x3
-Rainbow Red Moneypack x1
-Rainbow Orange Moneypack x1
-Rainbow Yellow Moneypack x1
-Rainbow Purple Moneypack x1
-Rainbow Indigo Moneypack x1

1 Consumable Gasha Box
Box contains one of the following:
-Banana x5
-Grape x5
-Breadroll x5
-Slice of Cake x5
-Milk x5
-Lollipop x5
-Parfait x5
-Yogurt x5

Locked? LOCKED! Must be the work of evil Paris but not to worry, we are going to giveaway keys! Throughout the day(and several times a day), we'll be having XO Quizzes to give out prizes including TUR- Keys(Get it, hah). So listen out for the announcement and make sure to participate to win!

We'll also be tossing the Tur-Keys into the Item Mall just in case you miss the XO quizzes (or if you just like to collect Keys). (1)50pts (5)200pts

Begins: Nov 15th 12:01am PST
Ends: Dec 13th 11:59pm PST

*One Daily Gift per account.