Thanksgiving Sales EXTRAVAGANZA!

Thanksgiving is a holiday about family, togetherness, and being thankful for all you have. Oh and not to forget Sales MASSIVE amounts of SALES! Black Friday/Cyber Monday and so much more!

Bulk Sale

On Sale from November 23rd- November 28th these exclusive item will be sold in high volumes and great prices!
-W-Coins(20) 1800pts
-Soulcraft Randomizers(50) 1200pts.
-Enchant Insurance (50) 900pts.
-Up to 50% off on Pet/Mount Food
--Pet Food (1Day) 15pts
--Pet Food (10Day) 75pts
--Pet Food (1Day) 150pts
--Mount Food (1Day) 15pts
--Mount Food (1Day) 75pts
--Mount Food (1Day) 150pts

Black Friday
On Sale 11/25 ONLY!
-30 Day Rose of Virtue 300pts
-30 Day Eyepatch of Love 300pts
-(Lv.20) Supply EXP Potion 200pts.
-(Lv.20) Supply EXP Potion(3) 500pts.

Cyber Monday

8 Hour Sale 11/28 Only! 1pm-9pm
- Jack's Bean 250pts. -All Consumables are Doubled.(Emotes not included) Same price but x2 items! That means you are getting 2 for the price of 1! or 10 for the price of 5!