Lunar New Year – Year of the Dragon Saga!


Lunar New Year refers to the beginning of the year in several lunisolar calendars around the world and on many of those calendars this year marks the year of the Dragon. Many of us may not follow these calendars but that doesn't mean we can’t have a celebration. Beginning January 18th 2012-January 31st 2012, we’ll be having a Lunar New Year celebration of our own!

Find your Fortune:

Each day we’ll be giving all players over level 23 a Fortune Gasha Box! This box contains one of six fortunes but beware not all are good fortunes!

Fortunes Options:
• For My Luck - Great! EXP x1.3 (1hr)
• For My Luck - Good! Atk speed +5% (1hr)
• For My Luck - Nice! Def +10% (1hr)
• For My Luck - Not Bad! Def +10% (1hr)
• For My Luck - Bad! Move Speed -5% (1hr)
• For My Luck - Too Bad! Aim Rate -5% (1hr)

Big Wheel Costumes and Dragon Costume Sale:

The Item Mall and BigWheel will be joining in on the celebrating as well! All new 2012 Hat, Glasses, and Balloons will be added to the Big Wheel. So take a spin and try your luck!

The Item Mall will be offering “ Year of the Dragon Costume Box ” which contains Oriental Dragon Costume (Mask, Backpack and Balloon) and 20x Year of the Dragon 2012 Firecrackers for just 375pts!

Help us make this year, the Year of the Dragon Saga!

Begins: 1/18/2012(After Maintenance)
Ends: 1/31/2012 (Maintenance)