Valentine's Day Loading Screen Contest

Love is in the air...well almost...Valentine's Day is coming up shortly, so we want to give you all a chance to show off how much you love that special someone, Or just how much you love Dragon Saga in general.

This time the theme will be: LOVE (of course)

Create a Dragon Saga loading screen, featuring you and your loved ones or things you love about Dragon Saga and you might just end up being one of the lucky chosen to be showcased ingame!

10 of the Loading screens will be chosen by the GM Team to be added ingame for the rest of February!

Those 10 will also receive:
-5x Soul boxes
-2x W-Coins

To be consider for a loading screen images must follow these guidelines:
-1024x768 (I know that's low but that's the native resolution for the game)
-No layers
-.png or .psd format
-Under 500Kb
-Make sure to leave a blank space on the bottom for us to add the loading screen bar.
-Check out the samples here.

Deadline will be Feb 8th 6pm PST! Good Luck All!

Click to submit your loading screen.