Transfer Event and Raffle


For each transfer of 1000pts or more during the week to receive bonus item during maintenance.

-Mar 7th- Mar 13th: 1 Soulbox(999Souls)
-Mar 14th- Mar 20th: 1x Account Vault Extension (7Days)
-Mar 21th- Mar 27th: 1x 70%EXP Potion(2 hours)
-Mar 28th- April 3rd: 10x Feather of Paris

Free items will be distributed every Tuesday Evening during maintenance!


As an added bonus each purchase made during event period will result in 1 entry into a raffle into for an Enchantment package given away each week!

Enchantment Package:
10x Enchant Insurance Scrolls
500x Weapon Enchant Dust
1000x Armor Enchant Dust
5x Soul Boxes

One winner will be choosen each week and a code will be mailed ingame to the highest level character on the account.

Begins: 3/7/2012 12am PST
Ends: 4/3/2012 10pm PST