OX Quizzes are back!

OX Quizzes are back and better than ever! Starting the week of April 4th, there will be an OX Quiz daily at 6:00 PM Pacific. Each OX Quiz will consist of five brain teasing questions. Each question you answer correctly will provide your character with a two(2)Gada Coin and four(4)Gold, giving you a chance to receive up to seventy(70) Gada Coins and Hundred-forty(140) Gold each week.

If you've never had the opportunity to play in an OX Quiz before here are the rules:

1. Log into the servers by 6:00 PM Pacific each day.

2. When you are prompted to take part in the OX Quiz, either click the "OK" button or press the F1 Key

3. When a question appears, you can select your answer by either clicking on the "O" button (F1 Key) or clicking on the "X" button (F2 Key) before the timer runs out. Each question that displays must be answered correctly to proceed to the next question.

4. Each correctly answered question rewards you with a two(2)Gada Coin and four(4)Gold. If you answer at least one question correctly, you will immediately receive an in-game mail with your Gada Coins and Silver attached.

5. Gada Coins can be spent in Vending Machines located on Field Maps throughout Dragon Saga to receive valuable items. They can also be used after successfully completing Mission Maps to provide an extra attempt to receive a special item after defeating a boss monster.

Come join us starting this week and make sure to wear your thinking caps and take the OX Quiz.

OX Quiz Bonuses!

Weekend Bonus- Weekends are even more fun with OX Quizzes happening TWICE A DAY! Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, OX Quizzes will happen at 3pm and 6pm!

Easter Bonus- April 6th - April 10th is going to be packed with Easter goodies and a special OX Easter Quiz happening at 3pm, 6pm, and 10pm! Win Gada coins, Chocolate Rabbits, Easter Eggs, Silver coins, and more.