Enchant Upgrade Event 15+

Enchanting Armor is hard...and even harder is getting all the ingredients necessary to enchant. So this weekend (4/27-4/30), enchant any equipment to 15 or higher and we'll return all enchant runestones, and Enchant Insurances you have spent on that item.* In addition each item you Enchant between 15-20 we will enter you into a raffle to win a Special Enchanting Package!

How to Participate:
-Upgrade an item during the event period to Enchant 15+*
-During maintenance 5/1, we'll be returning all Runestones and Insurance scrolls used to enchant that item.

-Each item upgraded this way will also enter the account into a raffle to receive the following:

Special Enchanting Package(OVER A $50 Value):
-100x Enchant Insurance Scrolls
-20x Reinforcement Enchant Insurance Scrolls
-10x Artifact Enchant Runestones
-10x Special Enchant Runestones

-One Lucky winner will be choosen during maintenance.

*Item does not need to begin at 0, item can be any level range but must follow two specifications -Item must be upgraded during event period -Item must upgraded to between 15-20 during event period. Yes an upgraded to 15 prior to event but upgraded to 16 during the event period is eligible.

Begins: 12am Friday 4/27
Ends: 11:59pm Monday 4/30