Coin Collector Gato!

Gato has been quite the Coin Collector for many years now, collecting coins from all 4 corners of El Greco. His most prized and largest collection are of his Bronze Coins, which consist of thousands of coins! As of this weekend, this collection has gone missing! Reports are coming in that monsters all over Dragon Saga have somehow gotten their grubby little hands on his prized coins. Gato NEEDS YOUR HELP! Beginning May 16th though May 22nd, monsters will be dropping these coins, your task is to collect these and turn them into the Vending Machine near the Gato NPC.

How To Participate:
-Fight monsters in the world and collect Bronze Coins
-Turn in Bronze Coins at the Vending Machine in town near Gato.
-15 Bronze Coins= 1 Soul Box

Gato is so sad, and the is nothing sadder than a giant unhappy kitty.

Begins: May 16th 12:01am PDT
Ends: May 22nd 11:59pm PDT