Chain Combo Video Clip Contest

Chain Combos are a great way to spicy up your leveling experience, and we want to make a trailer to showcase this flashiness!

We are looking for the most awesome short videos(20secs or less) showing of the Combo system to compile/edit together and make a 3 minute trailer.

How to Participate:
Record yourself and your friends showing off your LEET SKILLZ
-It must be one continuous video. No editing in transitions.
-You must hide the UI and Chat window.(F10 will turn it off) Sound Effects on but music off.(press ESC then select sound)
-Videos can be done in collaboration with another player (maximum of 4 people in video including person filming)
--Characters must appear for at least 50%(10sec) of the video clip to qualify. Qualifying characters in the film will receive the same prize as the character submitting the video.
--Please make sure to include the names of all players who are to receive the prize if the video clip is chosen.
-You can film more then 20 seconds and snip out your favorite 20secs but no editing just the cool moves in. (Fraps, xfire etc.. with no branding)
-Video format can be .avi, .mov, .mp4, or .wmv
-Upload it to file hosting site (such as, 4shared, etc)
-To submit an entry, make a post in this forum with your Character name/class in the title.
in the post make sure to include the :
link to where you can download the video
--Characters name and class.
-Posting a YouTube video of your film is optional.

-15 Lucky Videos will be chosen to be edited together to make ~3 minute trailer to post on the official Warpportal YouTube and used for promotional purposes!
-Any complete Costume(Human or Dragonkin) currently in the Item Mall
-500pts worth of Item Mall Items of your choice
-1 GM Guided Dungeon Run (we do all the work, you can loot all the rewards!)
--you can invite up to two of your friends to join also!

Begins: July 3rd, 2012
Ends: July 24th, 2012 (maintenance)