Never-ending Summer Event

In the world of Dragon Saga, it’s never too late to enjoy the summer days. Come and play in the Never-ending Summer event with exciting activities and rewards, and make this summer count!

•Master of Ice-cream Achievement
--Defeat the Giant Golden Woodie. to receive Ice-cream Ingredients
--Use Instant Cooking to make Ice-cream
--Collect 50 Ice-creams and receive ‘Master of Ice-cream’ Achievement

•Master of Fruity Ice Flake Achievement
--Use Gathering Skills to collect Ice Flake ingredients
--Use Simple Crafting to make Ice Flakes
--Collect 50 Ice Flakes and receive ‘Master of Fruity Ice Flake’ Achievement

•Master of Ice Achievement
--Receive Ice Blocks by just logging into the game
--Use Extracting Magical Force to create Ice Packs
--Collect 20 Ice Packs and receive ‘Master of Ice’ Achievement

Master of Summer Achievement
--Collect all 3 summer achievements and receive ‘Master of Summer’ Achievement
•Random World Buffs including 2X EXP buff during the event period
•Collect in-game coins and trade them for special reward items.

Begins: 8/22/2012 Maintenance
Ends: 9/4/2012 Maintenance