Water & Fire Guardian Weapon Raffles

This week we'll be raffling off 1 Fire Guardian Weapon and 1 Water Guardian Weapon per day, just for using a consumable*!(Please check the list below for qualifying items) These items need not be purchased during the event, any item from the list used during the event period qualifies you for an entry into the raffle, no matter how you obtained it!

How to Participate:
Use a consumable* Item from the list below.
Each item used counts as 1 entry into that day's raffle.
Daily 1 user will be selected to win a Fire Guardian Weapon and 1 user will be selected win a Water Guardian Weapon (the type of weapon is dependent on the class of the character who is selected as the winner)
Winners for Fri-Sun will be announced Monday, all subsequent winners will be announced after maintenance Tuesday.

*Consumable items include all items in the "Consumable" tab in the Item Mall.
Item must be on this list to qualify:
HP Eternity Potion (Tiny, Average, and Large)
MP Eternity Potion (Tiny, Average, and Large)
Reinforced Enchantment Insurance
Enchantment Insurance Scroll
Soulcraft Randomizers
Soulcraft Extractor
Enchant Runestones (Regular, Advanced, Special, and Artifact)
Soulcraft stones (Regular, Advanced, Special, and Artifact)
Card Insurance
EXP Potions (+40% and +60%)
F7 Game Coin
F7 Tactical Fatigue Recovery Potion
Gada Coin
Perfect Hunch
Feathers (Angel, Paris, Parrot, Blue-bird, and crow)
Safety Foam
Shop Licenses (Premium and Specialty)
Grand Merchant Certificates
Market Access Scrolls
Eye of Aram Recipe
Lavalon's Healthy Heart Recipe
Skill Reset Scrolls (Rookie,Intermediate,advanced, and expert)
All Stat Reset Scroll
Refresh Scrolls (STR, INT, HTL, AGI)
Inventory Expansion (Equipment,Cash Shop, Consumable, and Miscellaneous)
Vault Expansion
Emoticons (Magician, Archer, Warrior, Thief, Husky, Pororing, Sheep, Piggy, Sangka)

Portal & Teleport cards and scrolls not included. (anything in the Travel tab is excluded)

Begins: 10/12/2012
Ends: 10/16/2012