A Draconian and Their.. Contest! Design a New Pet!


It's time for another art filled contest! As most of you know, Dragon Saga is filled with a myriad amount of cute/awesome pets~ BUT we were thinking... we want to see more! Who doesn't want to see Port of Winds covered with a variety of pets! It's your chance now to show off your drawing/art skills by creating the next new cutest/awesome-est pet for Dragon Saga! Expend your imagination and think of a different version of a current pet or a completely new pet! Not only be the envy of your peers with your awesome art skills but your pet could also be put in-game as well!*

Contest Deadline ::
The Contest starts November 20th, 2013 and the entries will not be taken after December 11th, 2013!

How do I submit my entry ::
  • Please create a new thread with the subject line being In-game name costume name. (EX: AgentMeow's Pet 2013)
  • In the thread please include the following: Pet Name, Description of how you would verbally describe your new pet, any stats you would like to see on the pet.
  • Pets must be ORIGINAL design, but inspiration can come from anywhere. (Please do not submit Copyrighted work, Dragon Saga related material is fine for inspiration but drawing must be original)
  • Drawing of pets must be from at least three angles (front/back and side view), and in color.
  • You can submit as many entries as you would like, however only one entry can win.
  • The larger the image is the easier it is to see the detail, hand drawn is fine, but must be scanned into a computer pic format (jpg, png etc). We do have photoshop so PSD can be accepted. If you are a 3d minded person and prefer to work in that mode, please just take a system screenshot of the model in the program and use the photo as the basis for judging.
What can I win ::
If you are in the Top 10
- X2 Pet Food(30 Day)
- 500pts worth of Item Mall Prizes
The Top 3 Designs will win
- If and when the pet is created you'll receive a free pet that you created!(Just for 1st place.)
- X3 Pet Food(30 Day)
- 1200pts worth of Item Mall Prizes!
- Free Pet of your choice! (Restrictions may apply)
You can submit your entry on our Forums!
(If you are found submitting different entries on different accounts or any ill-mannered doings, you will be disqualified)