Dragon Saga Themed Christmas Cards 2013!


It's Christmas Time!

And it's time to show all your friends and family(within Dragon Saga) that you care... with cards! Truly, the Christmas Card has always been the best way to show how much you appreciate those you hold dear.
So it's time to create a Dragon Saga Themed Christmas Card! Be as creative as you like~ This can be a screenshot with words added or your very own art! So post away!

Contest Deadline ::
The Contest starts December 18th, 2013 and the entries will not be taken after January 8th, 2013!
How do I submit my entry ::

  • Post in THIS thread! Make sure all your entries is in a single post.
  • You can submit up to 3 entries but only 1 can win.
  • Cards can't be bigger then 740x535. You can display all sides if you want but it's not necessary.
  • The larger the image is the easier it is to see the detail, hand drawn is fine, but must be scanned into a computer pic format (jpg, png etc). We do have photoshop so PSD can be accepted. If you are a 3d minded person and prefer to work in that mode, please just take a system screenshot of the model in the program and use the photo as the basis for judging.

  • The Top 5 will be awarded...
  • 1000 Item Mall Points!
  • X6 Pet or Mount Food!
  • A Christmas Mount or Pet! (Restrictions may apply)
  • X5 W-Coins!
  • The Number 1 art will be awarded...