Who do you hold Dearest! Loading Screen Event!


Valentine’s day is coming Dragon Saga Players! It’s the time of the year where you show the ones you love… how much you love them! It is also the time to woo others~ so what does that mean for YOU? We want YOU to create the most romantic lovely dubly loading screens for Dragon Saga! We will pick up to 10 loading screens to display.

The Theme will be: Valentine/Spring Time!

To be consider for a loading screen images must follow these guidelines:
  • 1024x768 (I know that's low but that's the native resolution for the game)
  • No layers
  • .png or .psd format
  • Under 500Kb
  • Make sure to leave a blank space on the bottom for us to add the loading screen bar.
  • Please post your entries on this thread!

If your Loading Screen is picked, you will win…
  • X15 Soul Boxes
  • X 2Super Party EXP Package!

Entries will end February 15th, 2014!