World Invitational Tournament 2014!


During the past year we have welcomed players from Asia and Europe into our community. We would now like to give you a chance to show off your skills against other players for glory and nice prizes.

~ Dates ~
Registration: July 16th ~ July 30th
  • 1st/2ND Round Session A: August 1st 6:00PM ~ 9:00PM
  • 1st/2ND Round Session B: August 2nd 8:00AM ~ 11:00AM
  • 3rd/4th Round: August 8th 8:00AM ~ 12:00PM
  • 5th Round ~ Grand Final: August 16th (Time TBD)

~ Tournament Format ~
  • 1 vs 1 Double Elimination Format: Each player must lose 2 times to be eliminated
  • Each match is best of 3 rounds to determine the winner of the match.

~ How to Register ~
  • Registration is accepted via replying to the tournament. Any other forms of registration attempt (e.g Facebook) will not be accepted.
  • Registration must be submitted in the following format

Character Name:
  • Session: A, B, or Either. (Tell us which 1st/2nd Round session you would like attend)

~ Tournament/Match Rules ~
  • Maximum 1 character registration per account
  • Character must be level 50 or higher
  • Character may not equip any gear in the Cash Item slot during the match
  • Character may not enter the battle arena with any buffs or effects that is not a character skill buff
  • Items cannot be used during the match
  • During the match, both players must engage in battle. Any deliberate attempt to dodge battle for a long period will result in an automatic loss.
  • Any attempt to disrupt their own or other player’s matches may result in disqualification and a suspension of account.
  • Tournament schedule/times and rules are subject to change.

~ Prizes ~
    1st Place:
    o +20 Custom Made Costume Set: Set bonus and design are chosen by the player. The name of the brand new costume set will include the name of the character (e.g. ’s Set Helmet)
    o Pet Egg of choice
    o PVP Arena name change to include the character name
    o 20000 Item Mall points
    2nd Place:
    o +20 Set of any existing costume set
    o 10000 Item Mall points
    Quarter Finalists
    o Set of any existing costume set
    o 5000 Item Mall points
    Rest of the participating players
    o Consumable gift package
    o 100 Item Mall points

    If the player does not show up for their match or is disqualified from the tournament, the rewards will be voided for that player.

    You can register here!