Dragon Saga Lets Play Livestream 02/01/2017


Hello Dragon Saga Friends!


Tomorrow 02/01/2017 is our Lets Play of the month! As we went over in our last Dragon Saga Livestream, we are changing up the livestream schedule a bit starting in February! We will only have one Lets Play livestream a month, but it will be twice as long! Join me, GM Tirfing and Dragon Saga Developer Popcorn tomorrow starting at 1030 Server Time on Twitch and Youtube as we go through our level 20 job quest! 


We will also be going over different play styles, ways to play the game and class choices as a result. Does the way you like to play Dragon Saga influence the type of class you choose to play? If you level mostly through quests, what class do you pick to get through them faster? And if you were actually a character in Dragon Saga, which class do you think you would be? 


Join us for the livestream, in game and in chat as we talk about the game and explore Dragon Saga!