Patch Notes 8/27/2020




Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.8.62, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2020-08-27, 13:00 Server Time




Big End-of-Summer Letter Event
The event continues until September 3 13:00 Server Time.


17 New Guild Logos
We have added 17 new guild logos for you to use.



General Fixes and Changes
Change/Bug Fix: It is no longer possible to enter in-map teleporters (portals) if a member party is in a transformed state (Burrow, Exit, Ninja Form and Barricade). This fixes the bug, that players in transformed state were not teleported when they leave the transform state while the portal teleport animation is running.

Adjustment: The HP of the Armored Kampaling (Red Fox Delta) has been reduced.

Adjustment: The difficulty of Expert Mode Dungeons has been slightly increased to reflect the higher difficulty of normal mode dungeons since the Evolution update.

Change: The Daily Quests of Hunter G., Guild and Monster Card regarding Verdurous Forest for the level ranges 50~54 have been moved to the level range 45~49 for consistency.

Vending Machine: The Llama Balloons have been removed and the Zongzi Balloons (Red, Green and Blue) have been added (10 Silver Coins each).



Item Mall
Item additions and removals
Removed Evolution Weapon Box, Spiked Wing Box, Titan Wing Box
Added Mini Wings Gasha Box (80 IM).
Added Annihilation Weapon Box (80 IM).
Added Devastation Weapon Box (80 IM).
Added – for the last time this year – Summer Wing Box (80 IM).


Moonlight Shore Highschool Uniform (male)
Moonlight Shore Highschool Uniform (female)
Spy Tuxedo Outfit (male)
Wedding Dress (female)
B-Boy Dance Popstar Outfit (male)
Romantic Goth Outfit (female)
Royal Guard Uniform (male)
Royal Guard Uniform (female)


Heartless Sword Bear Costume [Special]
Japanese Gothic Style Suit (male) [Special]
Japanese Gothic Style Suit [Special]
Assassin Cross Set [Special]

Archangel Set [Artifact]

Lucifer's Set of Artfulness [Artifact]

Poseidon Set [Artifact]