Patch Notes 0.2.84


Patch 0.2.84



Due to the recent increase of hacking incidents and compromised accounts, a new security feature will be added with this patch. After tomorrow maintenance, your game account will be locked to the first device you log in from. Once the device is registered, the account will be inaccessible from any other device.


Patcher Update

New chat room feature is added to the patcher. While you wait for the patching process for to be completed, you can freely chat with other patching users. You can meet new in-game friends even before you get in the game!


Relic Grade Soulcrafting

Additional Soulcrafting grade added. New Relic grade soulcrafting will be opened. Now you can have gears with 6 soulcraft options.


Ill-Mannered Activities

Gravity’s new ill-mannered activity policy will be enforced starting this week. Any user found guilty of ill-mannered activities, such as harassment and foul language, will be assessed IM point penalties. If the account does not have enough IM points to pay the penalty, it will be indefinitely suspended until the penalty is paid on our website


Language Filter Feature

The chatting window will have a new button “Filter”. You may submit any word under this feature to block it from the chatting window. When 100 players submit the same word to be filtered, it will be globally blocked in the chatting window


Friday Night Fights Returns!

Our Friday night PVP event returns with a twist! Every Friday, we will be running a 24 hour King of the Hill PVP tournament. Starting at 12:00AM, 2 random participating players will be selected for a duel. The winner of the duel will continue to fight the next participant until they lose a match. The player that is the winner at 12:00AM Saturday, will be declared the winner. The rewards for the event will be announced each week.


Old and New Event

We are bringing the old with the new! Do you have a character that you created long time ago but never reached the max level? Log in to that character this week and we will be jumping that character to max level with full level 80 gears sets.


Open Referral Event

Do you want to be rewarded for spreading the word about Dragon Saga? Anytime you mention Dragon Saga on your Facebook or Twitter account, you will receive a coupon code link with a $10 Visa Gift Card. Event expires 3/31/2014.


Lucky Dog Event

Have you ever found money from where you weren’t expecting? Remember how good that felt? We want to bring the same feeling to our players. Everyday this month, we will insert 100,000 Item Mall points and 1 Million Gold to a random character that is in our database. Make sure to log in to your characters to find out if you are the Lucky Dog!




All patch notes above subject for cancellation at 11:59PM tonight