Server Maintenance at 3:00PM PST! 5/07/2014! Improved Costume Sets!

Improvement! Dragon Saga Peeps!

At 3:00PM PST(5/7), we will be doing a Server Maintenance for Dragon Saga. More In-game Events and Improved Costume Sets!

Once again, at 3:00PM PST! Thanks so much for your cooperation and patience.

  • Head over to the Vending Machine in the Port of the Winds to trade 25x Essence of Black Claw Nest for a Black Dragon Nail. For one more week!
  • Black Dragon Lord Medals can be purchased within Black Dragon Camp!
  • Another great Event! Coming Soon.. (Announced tomorrow, probably)

Item Mall

  • Character Card Changer is now available in the Item Mall for 100 Points!
  • The Hummingbird Egg. Bulldog Pet Egg, Rooster Pet Egg, Eagle Pet Egg has been added to the Item Mall! For a Limited Time!
  • Halloween Event Hairs have been placed in the Item Mall for a Limited Time!
  • Hades Set(Artifact) will be added into the MixBoard for a Limited Time!
  • Skill Points, Valentine's Items, Water Guardian Box, and Tuna Weapon Box have been taken out of the Item Mall!
  • White Smith Set and Lord Knight Set have a Intel and Strength sets for this Week! You can acquire them in the Ragnarok Costume Gasha Box.
  • More Updated Sets will be coming in the near near future!

Want updates on all the new content coming out this Summer? Check out our Official Dragon Saga Facebook for all the details!