Server Maintenance at 3:00PM PST! 5/21/2014!

Just for you European Dragon Saga Peeps!

At 3:00PM PST(5/14), we will be doing a Server Maintenance for Dragon Saga. Lots of Item Mall Item Changes and bringing back 1 Item back to the European Players!
The Information we will need from you is...

  • Language: (English,French,German)
  • Server:
  • Character Name:
  • Character Level:
  • Item Name:
  • Item Enchant Level:

Please submit your entry with a ticket! Click here to do so. Title it with "EU Item Retrieval".
Once again, at 3:00PM PST! Thanks so much for your cooperation and patience.


  • Head over to the Vending Machine in the Port of the Winds to trade 25x Essence of Black Claw Nest for a Black Dragon Nail. (EXTENDED)
  • Black Dragon Lord Medals can be purchased within Black Dragon Camp!
  • Memorial Day Weekend Enchant Event
  • Date: 5/21 ~ 5/27
  • Details :: Enchant any equipment to +16 or higher during the event period and the item will be changed to +20. Item must be 15 or below before today to qualify.

Item Mall

  • Paris Follower Costume has been added to the MixBoard for a Limited Time!

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