Server Maintenance at 3:00PM PST! 6/11/2014! Wings~

It has been requested and heard, Dragon Saga Players!

At 3:00PM PST(6/11), we will be doing a Server Maintenance for Dragon Saga. An event for Wings and Item Mall Changes!!

Once again, at 3:00PM PST! Thanks so much for your cooperation and patience.

  • Have a chance to grab some unique Wings! Collect 50 Silver Coins from monsters(World Drop) to get either the Pixie Wings or Goldhorn Wings! Wings/Capes/Backpacks will be rotated each week so make sure to grab your favorite today. The wings can be acquired within the vending machines on the Port of the Winds. MORE WILL BE ADDED BY FRIDAY(6/13) Cape of Courage, Cape of Trust, Emboss Quiver, and Infinity Quiver have been added to the Vending Gacha!
  • You have requested and we have listened! Weapon/Armor Enchant Dust will be dropping from ALL Monsters in stacks of 10! This event will last until 6/4-6/11-6/18~ EXTENDED

EXP Weekend!
  • 6/13: 2.1X EXP
  • 6/14: 2.3X EXP + 2X Gold Drop Amount
  • 6/15: 2.4X EXP + 2X Gold Drop Amount

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