Patch Notes 12/28/2023 - Happy New Year 2024


Maintenance Notes

Patch Version 0.11.2, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2023-12-28, 11:00 Server Time

X-Mas Event 2023
This event has ended. You can still exchange Event Items at the Santa NPC for another week.

The Teams of and WarpPortal
wish everyone a

HappyNew Year 2024

Happy New Year Enchant and Soulcraft Success Chance Event
and soulcraft success chances are 2.5x on December 31 and January 1.

Happy New Year Super EXP Bonus Event
Time to level your characters while the old year is passing and we welcome a new one!

Friday, December 29: 2.0x
Saturday, December 30: 2.0x
Sunday, December 31: 3.0x
Monday, January 1: 2.4x

Questline: Secret of the Bone Dragon
The questline Secret of the Bone Dragon has slightly been adjusted.

The questline consists of 3 quests:
- Secret of the Bone Dragon
- Voice of the Darkness (1)
- Voice of the Darkness (2)

Originally these quests appeared at Level 61, 62 and 63. This has been changed. All 3 quests now require the character to be Level 60. Instead the prerequisite for this questline is that the quest 3rd Class Promotion - Underground Monster Reveals Itself has been finished.

Additionally the class requirement for the Undead Bone Weaponshas been changed. To use the Undead Bone Weapons your character needs to have the 3rd Class Promotion done.
This affects the Cold Mossy and Fiery Cursed versions of the Weapons as well.

Item Mall

Soulcraft Special (December 24 thru January 1)
50x Soulcraft Randomizer – 1000 IM
50x Advanced Soulcraft Randomizer – 1400 IM
44x Purification Can – 5000 IM

Featured Items (until January 11, 11:00 Server Time)
Golden Pixel Weapon Box – 80 IM

Dark Pixel Weapon Box – 80 IM

Light Pixel Weapon Box – 80 IM

Steampunk Glasses Box – 80 IM

Adventurers Cape Box – 80 IM

Yongha's Balloon – 80 IM

Skier's Outfit

Winter Peak Outfit (female)

Winter Fashion Outfit (male)

Blue Ao Dai Outfit (male)

Blue Ao Dai Outfit (female)

Khaki Knit Outfit

Rainbow Outfit (male)

Skinny Look Outfit (female)


Snow Emperor Outfit [Special]

Assassin Cross Set [Special]

Watch Tower Guard Set (male) [Special]

Watch Tower Guard Set (female) [Special]

Low Rider Set [Artifact]

Modern Ninja Set [Artifact]

Pilgrim Outfit [Artifact]

Costumes for Dragokin classes are no longer available in the BigWheel and MixBoard.