Emporia Wars has Returned!

Emporia Wars!

- Registration: Wednesday 2:00PM ~ Friday 2:00PM
- Tournament Begin: Saturday 2:00PM PST ~ 5:30PM PDT
- Emporia Challenge Matches: Sunday 2:00PM PDT
-Up to 8 guilds slots will be open for the tournament
* Only the highest 8 bidders will enter, however any number of guilds can register.
* Guilds who register but are not chosen will be refunded their bid.
- Guild will be notified to enter the Emporia battle arena approx. 10 min before the match, or the user can enter by opening the guild menu window(hotkey G)
- If a guild has not entered the arena by the start of the match, the guild is forfeited and the opposing guild will automatically be given the victory.

Each match can last up to 30 minutes

Click here for details on how to participate