Server Maintenance 06/02/2017 [Complete]

Hello Dragon Saga Friends!
There will be a server maintenance on 06/02/2017 at 3PM PDT to resolve the issues that players are experiencing on some of the maps in game. Updates will be posted once the maintenance is complete. Thank you for your patience regarding this matter.

Servers are back up


Please update the game to version 0.5.72.

The game client should be at version after updating.



What has been fixed:


- the wrong element effects on hit have been fixed
- Specter's Tower Normal mode is at Level 36 again

- the text size for the medals has been corrected

- the 2 new medals are giving 3000 rank points each now


- the icon for the item "Desert Worm Scale" (Arcadia Content) is no longer invisible
- an unused portal in Everglade Swamp has been removed

- the quest "Pine Cone Collection" has now an increased drop rate

- the "[Best] Dark Soul Bow" is now for Archers and no longer for Wizards

- the Paris Wings Red now have 550 PDEF and 500 MDEF
- the Paris Wings Blue now have 600 PDEF and 550 MDEF

- the durability decrease of weapon/armor in expert mode
dungeons has been lowered a bit.


More fixes and small changes are planned for the next regular maintenance.



Have a great weekend and enjoy the game!