Patch Notes 2/20/2018



Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.6.38, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2018-02-21, 12:00 Server Time

Note: As always patch notes are subject to change. Changes may occur after maintenance.




Carneval Season Event

The event will end. The Kamelle Boxes won't be dropping anymore and the Carnival Mask Box will be removed from the Vending Machine. Please make sure that you traded in all your Half-Eaten Choppy Chops before the maintenance starts.

Lunar New Year Event 2018
The Lunar New Year Event will be extended for another week and will end on February, 28th.

Emporia Wars / Battle Square
The skill quests for the different classes appearing in Emporia Wars / Battle Square missions have been adjusted. Now each class has 2 skill quests available.

The changes to the Skill Quests have been made:

Knight: Storm Blade, Spear Jab Pressure has been removed
Gladiator: Storm Blade, Wrath of Earth has been added

Invoker: Fortress, Meteor Fall (with Meteor Rush upgrade) – Meteor Fall has been removed
Sorcerer: Fortress, Magic Missile – Meteor Fall has been removed

Sentinel: Arrow Shower, Bleed
Destroyer: H.E Grenade, RPG-7

Savage: Rocket Punch, Sonic Boom
Ninja: Rocket Punch, Cherry Blossom Shower

Twin Fighter: Tornado Spin, Dragon Uppercut – Bunker Buster has been removed
Summoner: Dragon Tooth, Air Smash – Inferno has been removed

General Updates and Fixes
- the Parchment Wing Box will be removed from the Vending Machine
- the Summoner only quest Smart Skills will be removed
- the missing stat for the Devil Advocate Glasses has been added (Final Critical Success Rate +1.0%)
- the animations for the Kero mount has been changed/fixed
- the mount preview for Kero in the character overview has been adjusted
- Emporia Wars: A bug has been fixed that running toggle skills can be clicked while being in the Pure Silence Aura Effect which resulted in the skill still running but going into cooldown state
- Emporia Wars: The time between possible island changes has been increased to 18 seconds to compensate the 3 second Pure Silence Aura for the attackers

Item Mall
Based on community wish the new dog mounts have been added as Item Mall versions with Car Stats. For the Cerberon Mount and the Bruno the Bulldog mounts the Attack Speed Stat is replaced by Movement Speed. No changes have been made to the attribute value and chance to get it.





The Mount Eggs can be sold in the Open Market and send via COD mail by Characters Lv. 50+.
The Mount itself can be sold in the Open Market.

We will slowly make all IM Mount and Pet Eggs COD mailable by Characters Lv. 50+ to prevent scams.



Everything will be removed except for Rose of Virtue and Patch of Love

Jaguar Doll Costume
Red Ribbon Set (female only)
Cool Leather Outfit (male only)
Pilot Uniform



Everything will be removed except for the Stylish Pink Outfit [Special Tab]

Sheep Doll Costume [Advanced Tab]
Trainer's Uniform [Advanced Tab]

[Best Fantasy Priest] [Special Tab]
Lord Knight Set [Special Tab]

Apollo Set (Artifact) [Deluxe Tab]
Devil's Set of Agility [Deluxe Tab]
Modern Ninja Costume *NEW* [Deluxe Tab]

Costume Part Stats:

Hat: Final Critical Success Rate +2.0%, Top: +15% Max HP, Bottom: +15% Max MP, Gloves: +15% Attack Speed, Shoes: +15% Movement Speed, Back: +5 STR, +5 INT, +5 AGI

Set Stats:

1 Part: STR +55
2 Parts: INT +35
3 Parts: HLT +25
4 Parts: AGI +60
5 Parts: Critical Damage +25%, Final Critical Success Rate: +6%
6 Parts: Attack Speed +35%, Movement Speed +35%

The costume is Artifact Grade and Soulbound on equip