Server Restart 10/8/2015

Hello Dragon Saga Friends!

There will be a brief server restart today, 10/8/2015 at 15:00 Server time to implement a small fix.

The restart should take about 30 minutes.

Important Notice 4-12-2015

We appreciate everyone's patience during this weekend's extended down time. We are now ready to open the servers back up.

There is an important information we must share before you log into the game.

On 4/11 early morning, our User DB and Back up DB encountered a critical error which didn't allow in-game data to be saved. Upon further investigation, we found out that its data and its logs have been corrupted for days before this happened. Unfortunately, as a result, all character related in-game data has been rolled back to 3/28 1:06AM PDT. We will be adding all Item Mall points spent back to the accounts, but due to the volume of data during this lost period, most in-game items/levels achieved cannot be restored. We will be adding bonus rates and bonus items as compensation.

Please visit here for details on compensation events.

We apologize for the great inconvenience this has caused, we will be trying our best to make sure no such incident occurs again.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by submitting a support ticket.

Thank you.

Kraben Dragon Saga Producer

Server Maintenance 03/18/2015

  • Nostalgia Event has ended
    • All Nostalgia Boxes have been removed
    • The Cookie Ingredient Box drop has ended

  • Soulcrafting Event
    • The soulcrafting success rate has been increased until the next week's server maintenance

  • Insurance Scroll Login Event
    • While you are logged in you will get an Insurance Scroll every 20 minutes, up to 3 per day
    • It can be obtained by any Human or Dragokin Character from Lvl. 25+

  • Insurance Scroll Sale
    • Insurance Scrolls in the Item Mall are 20% off!
    • You now can get 10 Scrolls for 80 IM Points instead of 100!

Additonal Changes have been made to
  • Bigwheel
  • Mixboard
  • Vending Machine

Item Mall Changes include
  • Added Pink Flix Mount for a limited time
  • Added Pink School Look Set

Finally: The rest duration display of buffs and potions have been improved.

You can find out more details at:

03-18-2015 Maintenance Notes

Thank you

Server Maintenance 03/04/2015

There were several server restarts today completing the unintended issues from yesterday's maintenance.

Cookie Factory Event has ended!
  • The portals of the cookie factory have been closed and can't be entered anymore
  • The Cookie Factory NPCs have been removed

Cookie Ingredients Event
  • Monsters drop a box with cookie ingredients when killed which contains
    • 1x Flour
    • 1x Powdered Sugar
    • 1x Butter
    • 1x Almond Piece
    • 1x Chocolate Piece
    • 1x Stick
    • 1x Marshmellow
    • 1x Milk
    • 3x Valentine Recipe Box
  • you can use the ingredients to either "bake" a cookie or to exchange the ingredients for the following boxes:
    • Nostalgia Weapon Box
    • Nostalgia Cape Box (Warrior)
    • Nostalgia Wing Box (Magician)
    • Nostalgia Quiver Box (Archer)
    • Nostalgia Muffler Box (Thief)
  • You can obtain one of the above boxes by exchanging it at the vending machine for:
    • 10x Gada Coin
    • 10x Fluor
    • 10x Butter
    • 10x Powdered Sugar
    • 5x Valentine Recipe Box

Additional changes were made to the Big Wheel and Mix Board contents. You can find out more details at:

03-04-2015 Maintenance Notes

Thank you

Policy Update: Multi-Clienting

It seems our announced change in policy yesterday regarding Multi-clienting has caused more concern than we had intended it to.

We hope to clear up a few points as it could have been worded better. The policy was put in place to prevent players from severely abusing multiple clients. These are players who have clearly created a large number of accounts and characters just for the sole purpose of auto gathering in Port of Winds Farm.

The policy will be changed to affect players using multiple clients for abusive behavior in Port of Winds Farm.

For the other maps such as dungeons, missions, etc. We do have a team of GM members testing players in game. If you make the decision to use multiple clients to control the characters and a GM decides to test you in game, a immediate reply is required from the character being tested. There is no excuse for the character to be moving around and not respond to a GM's message or tests. If you need to type a message in all chat, please do so.

Unsuccessfully completing the GM's test will result in the team flagging the account as a 3rd party program user. As mentioned in our Terms of Service, it is strictly prohibited and will result in the suspension of the account.