Server Maintenance 09/07/2016

Hello Dragon Saga Friends!
We will have our weekly server maintenance on 09/07/2016 at 15:00 Server Time! Patch Notes will be posted before the maintenance is complete.

Server Maintenance 08/31/2016

Hello Dragon Saga Friends!
We will be having our weekly maintenance on 08/31/2016 at 15:00 Server Time! Patch Notes will be posted before the maintenance is complete!

Server Maintenance 08/25/2016 [Complete]

Hello Dragon Saga Friends!
We will have a server maintenance today 08/25/2016 at 15:00 Server Time to fix a few bugs that have occurred with the Arcadia Episode One update.

The following issues should be addressed with this maintenance:

  • NPC Davy at Port of the Winds should be back from vacation and willing to host quests again
  • The wrongly converted Atk to Aim Rate Socket Cards should be now converted correctly as long as they have been kept socketed
  • The old socketing items (Hammers, Powder, Scrolls) should now be sellable to NPC shops
  • The Helix Shot should now work as intended again
  • A rare bug which caused the char to be stuck until re-logging after viewing in-quest dialogs has been fixed

The following changes have been made:

  • When reaching a Monster Killcount of 600 and 850 you will now get a box called Socket Card Support Box. This box contains another 2 boxes, a Mysterious Fragment Box and a Socket Card Chest Key Box.
    The Mysterious Fragment Box randomly yields one of the Mysterious Fragments or 1 High Energy Plasma.
    The Socket Card Chest Key Box randomly yields one of the Keys or 1 High Energy Plasma.
    With this step we want support all players who are not able to achieve an S~SSS rank in missions. The boxes have the same rate to give a specific item like the mission end rewards. For the Key Boxes the rates are equivalent to running a mission from Level 40~59. At a Monster Killcount of 400 you still get 1 High Energy Plasma.
  • The Twin of the Twin Fighter should no longer be able to attack when the controlling character (the player) has a debuff which prevents it from moving and casting own skills.

Known issues which are currently on the list to be fixed:

  • Graphical glitch with the Buyback feature for the Production Master NPC shop
  • High Energy Plasma, Socket Chest Keys and Mysterious Fragments do not stack automatically when dropped by the Monster Killcount Boxes. I was not able to address this issue in the short amount of time. I will investigate this curiosity further. Until I addressed and fixed this issue you have to stack them manually.

Server Maintenance 08/24/2016

Hello Dragon Saga Friends!
On Wednesday 08/24/2016 we will be having a server maintenance starting at 10:30 Server Time to implement the first episode of the Arcadia update. Patch Notes will be posted before the maintenance is complete.

Important Notice: Change to the Socket System


Please read the following informations carefully

With the upcoming Arcadia Update the Socket System gets reworked. Beforehand we want to inform you about the following changes which are part of the rework:

  • Anything related to socketing and the socketing process will be removed from the production system. Any socketing items will become obsolete with the Arcadia Launch. Leftover socketing items will become sellable to NPC shops. For the machinery profession 3 new recipes will be added.

  • The currently socketed socket cards will be automatically transformed into new cards which are coming with the new system. This is the case for any Socket Card (Socket 1 and Socket 2) except of the Galaxia Skill Cards.
    For Socket 1 cards the new stats will be matching the old stats or maybe slightly better.
    For Socket 2 cards (Element Cards) your socketed socket cards will be transformed into new cards but the cards of the new reworked element system can't be compared to the old ones.

  • With the Arcadia Update launch all Socket Cards (except the Galaxia Skill Cards) which are not socketed on equip will become obsolete. This includes any socket card stored in inventory, guild vault, character vault, account vault, open market, mail system. All unsocketed cards which are affected by this will become sellable to NPC shops.

This steps have been decided by the Dragon Saga team to rebalance the game and it's economy after the rampant duping in the past. Please consider this information as a friendly reminder to socket all socket cards you want to keep. More informations about the new systems will be available with the Arcadia Update launch.

A little sneak peak of the new socketing system can be seen in the August Episode of the Dragon Talk with Alteris at