Friends with Benefits

We know that our biggest recruitment asset is you, our community. Your word of mouth referrals is a big value to us and we have now a system that can reward you for that referral you gave to a friend or foe!

With the Friends with Benefits program, you can give a simple link to a friend, use an image link in a signature or send emails to your friends letting them know what game you play and inviting them to join you. For every friend you refer to your favorite WarpPortal game we will be sharing their purchased points with you!

For every purchase a friend makes, you will earn 10% of that purchase in WP Energy. Which of course can be used for Premium account upgrades or Item Mall items.

Friends with Benefits program details can be found here: Friends with Benefits

Extended Maintenance 10PM - 3AM 7/19/2011

We will be extending maintenance today's, due to the large content that will be coming in from Professions, certain changes need to be made to accommodate it. Therefore, we are extending it for 1 hour. If there are any changes to this, we will keep everyone updated.

Patch Notes v.0.1.53

WarpPortal/Dragon Saga
- Friends with Benefits Program
Refer a friend, play your games, benefit from their purchases!

- 4th of July Login Event Prizes Distribution(6/29~7/8)
Event Prizes:
10 Freedom Stars or more = Uncle Sam's Hat
15 Freedom Stars or more = Uncle Sam's Hat + T-Shirt Balloon
- Spread the Love Event Continues(6/30~7/14)
Spread some love to the Dragon Saga Facebook page by liking it and introducing others to it as well.
- Warlock/Priest Level Up Event(7/15~7/17)
In celebration of Sorcery Week, those users that job change into a Warlock or Priest this weekend will receive a special gift.
- Race to 75 when Professions Update arrives
Early notice for those trying to get to 70 still so that they can participate!
- Drawing for Hastur's Soul Collection Box Continues.
Each purchase of a Hastur's Soul Collection Box will enter you into a daily drawing for a School of Sorcery Set.

Item Mall
- Super EXP Package: 500 Pts Continues
2x 60% 2Hr Potions
1 HP Eternity Potion Large
1 MP Eternity Potion Large
- Hastur's Soul Collection Box: 1200 Pts Continues
20x Enchant Insurance Scrolls
7x Soul Box(Contains 1 stack = 999 Souls)
- Items of the Week Sale(7/15~7/22)
Consumable Inventory Expansion: 475 Pts
Slicked Back Hair (Male): 80 Pts
Tattooed Face: 40 Pts
Mischievous Eyes (female): 40 Pts

- In-game text changes.
- More pre-patch adjustments for Professions Update and Big Wheel/Mix Board change.

Weekly Maintenance moved to Wednesday July-13


For this week the regular Tuesday 10pm-2am maintenance will be changed to occur on Wednesday July 13 10pm-2am.

This is only for the week of July 12th. Our office is having work done during the time we would be performing maintenance, so due to the power being out on Tuesday we need to move maintenance for DragonSaga to Wednesday.

Thank you,

Super EXP Package on Sale!

On Sale this week