Patch Notes 5/2/2018



Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.6.51, Game Version:
Server Maintenance
2018-5-2, 12:00 Server Time
Note: Patch notes are subject to change.




Nostalgia Backpack Event
The Nostalgia Backpack Event is ending. DDDD items can still be traded at the Vending Machine until May, 9th.


Mission Reward Box Event
Collect Bronze Coins and trade them for a Mission Reward Box at the Vending Machine. The box contains randomly one of these mission ranking rewards:

Zaro's Helmet

Zaro's Epaulet

Karkharou's Sheet metal Armor

Karkharou's Sheet metal Helmet

Burlune's Mask

Burlune's Fist

Burlune's Banana Bracelet

Arka's Petal Helmet

Arka's Necklace

Arka's Wings

Agne's Horned Ice Helmet

Agne's Ice Fist

Kryos Ring

Kryos Earring

Kryos Necklace

Three eyes of Carsharp

Three eyes of Carsharp Cape

Ring of Power

Angry Sheep Pendant

Earrings of Power

Bat Necklace

Racoon Ring

Starfish Ring

Shackle of Curse

Skeleton Bandage

Beetle Pendant

Yeti's Belt

Mimir Shaman's Ring

Ellumans Crown



Login UI Update
On community wish a new checkbox Hide ID has been added. If this checkbox is checked the Account ID is shown as asterisks instead of clear text (the same way as it is for the password). The state of the Hide ID checkbox is saved locally to your game configuration.

IM Consumables
The sellable in open market/COD-mail restrictions have been removed. Characters Lv. 50+ are now able to sell/COD-mail IM consumable items again.
Please know that there is now a minimum price for most of the items which is based on a 1:10 IM to Gold conversion rate. The gift button stays removed  until May, 25th.


Everything will be removed



High Elf Magic Costume
Detective Costume
Sexy Red Dress (female)
Traditional Chinese Outfit (male)

Everything will be removed 


[Best] High Elf Magic Costume (male) [Advanced Tab]
[Best] High Elf Magic Costume (female) [Advanced Tab]
Red Zorro Costume [Advanced Tab]

Rune Knight Set (male) [Special Tab]
Rune Knight Set (female) [Special Tab]
Count Kitty Cat Costume [Special Tab]

Luminant Bat of the Garden [Deluxe Tab]
Poseidon Set [Deluxe Tab]