Patch Notes 5/30/2018



Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.6.57, Game Version:
Server Maintenance
2018-5-30, 12:00 Server Time
Note: Patch notes are subject to change.




Dragon Crush Accessory Event and Big Cart Pet (7-days) Event
The drop of Red Horned Dragon Skull has been extended for another week and is ending on June, 6th.


Memorial Day Mini Sale
The Memorial Day Mini Sale is ending on May, 30th on 12:00 Server Time.

Chaos Scroll Drops in Mission Maps
The bosses of the missions maps which didn't always drop Chaos Scrolls have been adjusted to drop these everytime.


General Fixes and Changes 
- Fixed a bug that the Vegabond Leathers Boots had a wrong look
- The balloons in the Vending Machine have been replaced. Now you can get the Red, Green and Blue Event Moster Balloon for 10 Silver Coins each
- Various quest text corrections
- The removal of the Push Back effect for the first Magician Z-Combo has been removed for sorcerers as well
- As a part of a cleanup process of the locations of items in the Item Mall the following items have been put under new tabs:

Iron Heart (now Consumable/Potions)
Iron Spirit (now Consumable/Potions)

Dotted Snail Pet Egg (now Pet/Pet)

Defender's Package (now Consumable/Leveling)



Pink Ao Dai Outfit (female)
Green Ao Dai Outfit (male)
Eruda Highscrool Uniform (male)
Eruda Highscrool Uniform (female)
Ultimate Hero Set


Royal Guard Uniform [Advanced Tab]
Dark Japanese Formal Outfit [Advanced Tab]

Sweetie Attendant Pink Uniform [Special Tab]
Paris Follower Set [Special Tab]

Ghost Busters Set [Deluxe Tab] 
Apollo Set [Deluxe Tab]
[Best] Ultimate Hero Set