Patch Notes 6/13/2018



Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.6.59, Game Version:
Server Maintenance
2018-6-13, 12:00 Server Time
Note: Patch notes are subject to change.




Arcadia Collector's Event
The Aracadia Collector's Event continues for another week.
Get Dragon Toenails by killing monsters and trade them at the vending machine for Spirit of Arcadia Gasha Boxes which randomly yield a part of the Spirit of Arcadia set, Power of Arcadia Weapon Boxes which give you a Power of Arcadia Weapon for a random class or for Arcadia Back Items Boxes which randomly yield a back item (Muffler, Quiver, Cape, Wings).


General Fixes and Changes 
- Minor bugs with Chaos Scroll drop in Mission Maps have been fixed
- All of the Elga Treasure Chests are now level scaling


Yellow Glitter Outfit (female)
Taxi Driver Outfit (male)
Libra Highscrool Uniform (male)
Libra Highscrool Uniform (female)


Tuxedo Set (male) [Advanced Tab]
Wedding Dress (female) [Advanced Tab]

Child Maid Set [Special Tab]
Assassin Cross Set [Special Tab]

Heartless Sword Bear Costume [Deluxe Tab] 
Hades Set [Deluxe Tab]