Patch Notes 7/18/2018




Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.6.76, Client Version:
Server Maintenance
2018-7-18, 12:00 Server Time

General Changes
- 5 Event IM/Costume Hats have been added to the Summer Event Rummage Box.
- fixed the wrong texts in the Emporia War Tournament description
- the overlapping Breeze Rune schedules have been removed

Enchant/Soulcraft Event
This event has been extended until July, 25th.

Dungeon of Destiny

the Essence of Skypie, Essence of Mirinae, Essence of Belkan and Essence of Parmir is given to a random party member, no matter how the loot option of the party is set to or which party member picks it up. That has been added to follow the behavior of mission result rewards where rewards are given randomly to people. It was needed to prevent unfair play towards party members by abusing several game mechanics

- miniboss Firefiend's attacks have been fixed

- another skill has been added to Destiny (called Destiny's Scream)


Tip of the Day
If you want to pick up items  manually use the key which is bound to "Pick Up" at your keyboard settings (usually Space Bar) – this game mechanic seems to be commonly unknown.