Patch Notes 9/19/2018




Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.6.88, Client Version:
Server Maintenance
2018-09-19, 12:00 Server Time




Talk like a Pirate! Day Event
Why are pirates pirates? cuz they arrrrrr"

Pirate's Hideout Event

Arg me mateys! The great Pirate Hideout has been discovered in Dragon Saga!

There be a new event mission map in town, and it be for all level o' players past level 25, with monsters that scale to yer level! Run the Pirate's Hideout F1 Mission Map to obtain marvelous treasures in the form of mission rewards. 

Once ye have made it through the perilous gauntlet of Pirates and scallywags, at the end of this mission you will see two deadly bosses. One of them is the terrifying Hookah, but the other changes with the shifting sea! You will either face off with Alvida or Kalygon . Once you have battled these monstrous foes, they will drop grand pirate treasure chests! Be ye careful though, all monsters in the finale boss room will have to be killed to complete the map.

You may find inside this treasure chest a Slice of Cake, Yogurt, a Balloon, a treasure piece or, if ye be unlucky, junk! Don't worry though; you can always be selling the junk treasure for 10 silver to any shop NPC.

What about them glittery treasure pieces ye ask? The treasure pieces be needed to be exchanged to a Chucky's Clothing Gasha Box, which may be randomly yields a pirate clothing!

As fer them shiny mission end rewards, ye can get:

Repair Hammers
An EXP potion
Weapon Enchant Dust
Armor Enchant Dust
A Pirate's Weapon Gasha Box (only S~SSS Rank)
Pirate's Diamonds (only S~SSS Rank)

Ye can also trade 4 Golden Woodie Statues, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze Woodie Statues at the Hookah NPC by starting the repeatable quest 'Barter ye Booty' (level 25+). If ye be wanting to unlock this repeatable quest you have to complete Hookah's 'Enter th' Hideout' Quest (Level 25+) once on yer pirate fightin' character.

And if ye have some of them Pirate Diamonds, ye can trade 5 at a time at the Hookah NPC by starting the repeatable quest 'Shiny Diamonds' (Level 25+) for a Big IM Consumable Gasha Box which randomly yields IM Consumables.

So go get that pirate treasure, before the time is up, and those scurvy pirates sail back out to sea!

The event stays until October, 3rd 12:00 Server Time.




Quest EXP Adjustments
The EXP given by Hero and Side Quests in the level range 41 to 50 has been significantly increased.


General Fixes and Changes
- added This is Mine! Skill to Griffon Mount
- fixed the inventory icons of the [Hero] 5th Hero Gunstaff
- several text fixes


Destiny Forged Weapons (Item Mall)
The Destiny Forged Weapons Gasha Box has been added to the Item Mall (100 IM points each). These all new weapons have been forged from Destiny's Scale. They come with Attack Speed +10%, Movement Speed +15% and Health +10. These weapons are heavy! This is why you need to be at least level 20 to equip them. The weapons can be equiped on the Item Mall or Costume Weapon Slot (by equipping them on the Costume Weapon Slot you'll get the look but not the stats). Every box yields one Destiny Forged Weapon for a random class.


Crazy Johnny's Pirate Weapons (Item Mall)
Just in time for the Talk Like a Pirate Event crazy shark Johnny comes around with lots of boxes filled with pirate weapons! Grab yours from the Item Mall and buy a box from him (100 IM points each). These weapons are so dangerous and... old... that only an experienced player who has reached Level 20 can equip it! The weapons can be equipped on the Item Mall or Costume Weapon Slot (by equipping them on the Costume Weapon Slot you'll get the look but not the stats). Every box yields one Crazy Johnny Weapon for a random class.