Patch Notes 11/14/2018




Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.7.00, Client Version:
Server Maintenance
2018-11-14, 12:00 Server Time




The Hall of Masters
We are proud to introduce a new opportunity for you and your guildmates.
You are a PvE only guild? You don't like or don't play Emporia Wars? This is your chance to get access to the improved Enchant and Soulcraft NPCs as known from the 2* Emporia Castle.


What is the Hall of Masters Challenge
After your guild master (or one of their vices) joined the Hall of Masters Challenge your guild will be able to obtain points. A certain amount of these points is needed to qualify your guild for the Hall of Masters weekly raffle for a Hall of Masters Room.

How many Hall of Master Rooms are available?
Three guilds are able to win a Hall of Masters Room weekly.

Guild Requirements to join the Hall of Masters Challenge
- Guild Level 3
- at least 10 Members
- at least 5 Members  which are Level 40 or higher, are members of the guild for at least 3 weeks and were active within the last 7 days

Hall of Masters Points
- each guild has to reach a certain amount of points which is calculated based on several factors (including guild size, player levels and player activity) to qualify
- you can obtain these points for your guild by killing either any Expert Mode Dungeon Boss and/or Destiny in the Dungeon of Destiny
- your guild will be able to get more points than needed to increase the chance to win the raffle for the Hall of Masters Room
- the winners of the Hall of Masters Room are selected by the system every Monday at 0:00 Server Time, the currently collected points are reset and the needed points are re-calculated
- every character which is at least Level 40 and members of the guild for at least 3 weeks is able to gather points
- your guild is not able to obtain points for the Hall of Masters Challenge while holding any Emporia War Castle or a Hall of Masters Room
- because a guild can't obtain points while holding Hall of Masters Room no guild is able to hold a Hall of Masters room without interruption

The Hall of Masters Room
If you guild won a Room every member of that guild which is at least Level 40 and a member of the guild for at least 3 weeks is able to enter the room and use the NPCs.


How does a guild join
In the guild UI you can find a new area called "HoM", if a guild wants to join the guild master or vice can just press on the Join button. You can also leave the challenge, but please know that all collected points are reset when leaving. You can join for the first challenge starting on November, 19th. We will have a small event ready for the first participating guilds. More info on that will follow. Stay tuned!


Port of the Winds Layout Change
You can find the entrance for the Hall of Masters left to the Emporia Castle portals. The Wedding Hall has moved to the center building at the top of the center island. The sign left to the Hall of Masters portal shows the current guilds that own a Hall of Masters Room.

Halloween Event 2018
The Halloween Event has ended. NPC Randy still stays for another week to give you the chance to exchange Halloween Coins for items.

Daily Quest changes
The over combo quests of the dailies have been adjusted to need a lower combo count.


Field Map Monster respawn Times
The general monster respawn time on all field maps has been set to 17 seconds.




General Fixes and Changes
- the item Penryl's Horn can no longer be used in BSQ


New Mounts in the Item Mall
In the Item Mall you can now get the IM versions of the 3 new Halloween Mounts.
They can get the following stats:

2. Movement Speed, Phys Def, Attack Speed, HP Recovery, Critical Damage
3. Max HP, Magic Def, Critical Rate, MP Recovery

This means you are able to obtain a base stat, Critical Damage and Critical Rate at the same time.









Item Mall General Changes
- you can now get Socket Card Extractors in packages of 5 (450 IM) and 10 (850 IM).
- Character Name Changer Item is now COD-Mailable and sellable in Open Market for Characters Lv. 50+


Arcadia's Set of Destiny

Devil Advocate Outfit

Odellia Highschool Uniform (male)

Odellia Highschool Uniform (female)

Yukata Outfit (male)

Yukata Outfit (female)

White Dino Egg Costume [Advanced Tab]

Brown Dino Egg Costume [Advanced Tab]

Pink Dino Egg Costume [Advanced Tab]

Blue Dino Egg Costume [Advanced Tab]

Legendary Magician Outfit [Special Tab]

Pink Dragon Ranger Costume [Special Tab]

[Best] Fantasy Priest Outfit [Special Tab]

Heartless Sword Bear Costume [Deluxe Tab]

Poseidon Set [Deluxe Tab]

[Best] Arcadia's Set of Destiny [Deluxe Tab]

Cute Blue Messenger Outfit (Human only!) [Deluxe Tab]