Patch Notes 2/20/2019



Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.7.26, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2019-02-20, 10:00 Server Time




Game Options Improvement
We have added the options to automatically reject Couple and Friend requests.
The options can be found at the Misc tab in the Options menu.



Market Search Improvement
We have added the options to filter the market search results by MyHome Items.



Valentine's Day Event Couple Quest
The Couple Quest have been added to the event.


Sweet Candy Weapons (Item Mall)
A new set of weapons is available matching our current event. Grab yourself a tasty weapon but be careful not to eat it when not fighting. The weapons can be obtained by purchasing a Sweet Candy Weapon Box from the Item Mall (Event tab) for 80 IM points each. By opening the box you get a Sweet Candy Weapon for a random class.



They come with the following stats:
- Physical/Magic Damage as an equip option

- Final Critical Success Rate +2.5%
- Movement Speed +10%
- Strength +20 (for Physical Damage Classes only) or Intelligence +20 (for Magic Damage Classes)
- Max HP +5%
- flat Physical/Magic Attack +500

Level requirement for these weapons is Lv. 20.


BigWheel Additions
Valentine Prom Dress (Stats and Image see below)
Rose of Virtue
Patch of Love

Valentine Prom Dress


Item Stats:
Hat – Critical Damage +7%
Top – Max HP +10%
Bottom – Max MP +10%
Gloves – Final Critical Success Rate +3%
Shoes – Attack Speed +9%
Wings – Enchant Success Rate +3%, Soulcraft Success Rate +3%

Set Stats:
1 Part – STR +20, INT +20
2 Parts – HLT +20
3 Parts – AGI +25
4 Parts – Movement Speed +35%
5 Parts – Casting Speed +10%
6 Parts - Enchant Success Rate +2%, Soulcraft Success Rate +2%