Patch Notes 5/2/2019




Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.7.45, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2019-05-02, 14:00 Server Time




Easter Cherry Blossom Event
The Big Cart Pet has been added to Alba's trade.
The Event lasts until May, 8th.

Enchant and Soulcraft Event
The enchant and soulcraft event has ended.




Item Mall

Mini Wings
We have added a Gasha Box to the Item Mall where you can get randomly one Mini Wings Item out of 20 different colors. Each box costs 80 IM Points.


They are Level 20+ items and come with the following stats:

Max HP +10%
Movement Speed +15%
Attack Speed +15%
Critical Damage +10%
Final Critical Success Rate +1%


Soul Gem Extractor
A Soul Gem Extractor has been added on Community wish.
It can be found at the Consumables->Misc Tab in the Item Mall.
You can either get 1 Soul Gem Remover for 70 IM Points or 5 Soul Gem Extractor as package for 300 IM Points.

The Soul Gem Extractor extracts always the Soul Gem with the lowest value from a Weapon and puts it back into your inventory.
To use the Soul Gem Extractor right click on the item to bring the extractor window up.



The Guardian Weapon Boxes, Zodiac Weapon Boxes, Annihilation Weapon Box and Devastation Weapon Box have been removed from the item mall. The Easter Blossom Weapons are still available for one more week.


New Lv. 58 Hero Questline: Hunter Test
After completing the Quest Plan B at Vanshi Gorge the Unknown Hunter NPC gives you the new Questline Hunter Test which consists of 5 new monster kill quests. You get a bracelet as end reward. Doing this quests is mandatory since it is a pre-requisite for the 3rd job change quest. It gives a total of 35% EXP in Lv. 58.


General Fixes and Changes
- a bug has been fixed that the mini NPC icons were not displayed
- the wrong completion text of the quest Meow at Moonlight Shore Village has been fixed
- a bug has been fixed that if a player left BSQ while being under Sluggish state was not able to use skills or attack until map changing again