Patch Notes 6/27/2019



Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.7.58, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2019-06-27, 13:00 Server Time




Guild Board Ranking

Because of several reasons we have decided to change the way the guild rank in the T-Board is calculated. Until today the calculation was only based on the wins of any EW fight, no matter which round, during the last 3 months. All other guilds are sorted by the system based on the guild level and member count. That resulted in guilds being inactive for moths are still in the Top 10.


After today's calculation change, the calculation is based on different non-PvP/EW specific information. From these different information a ranking factor is calculated and then the guild list is sorted by that factor.


Every guild which does not match the following criteria:

- Guild Level 3 or higher
- at least 20 members

and has no members which match the following criteria:

- Lv. 40 or higher
- member since at least 3 weeks (21 days)
- logged-in within the last 7 days


automatically gets a factor of 0.0 and will be always sorted to the end of the list. As soon as the particular guild matches the criteria above it will for sure be included into the calculation.


The calculated factor depends on the overall activity of the guild members in relation to the guild size and the guild level. The higher the calculated factor the higher the guild will climb in it's rank.

Guilds which have the same factor or a factor of 0.0 will be sorted by the Guild Level first and then by the number of members.

The rank is updated every day at 0:00 Server Time.


Additional Field Map Mood
The dawn/day/dusk/night cycle has been added to Belkan Sanctuary. The Dangerous Caverns will get no mood because it's a cave but the lighting has been visually improved.