Patch Notes 10/3/2019




Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.7.88, Client Version:


Server Maintenance
2019-10-03, 13:00 Server Time


Talk like a Pirate! Day Event
The event has ended.

I Like! Accessory Event
The I Like! Accessories are back! Obtain Indigo Coins by killing monsters at the following locations:

- in all Mission Map starting from Mirinae Sanctuary (Arcade Mode and Chaos Mode)
- in Drakos Tower and VanCliff (Regular and Expert Mode)
- in the following Dungeons: Underground Graveyard (Lv. 30 & Lv. 35), Akia Cave, Verdurous Forest, Kundara Dungeon, Red Fox Delta, Specter's Tower (Regular and Expert Mode)
- Dungeon of Destiny

Indigo Coins can be exchanged at the Vending Machine for
I Like Ring!  100 Indigo Coins,  I Like! Belt, I Like! Bracelet, I Like! Earrings for 50 Indigo Coins each


The event is available until October, 17th 13:00 Server Time


Costume Inventory Part 2a
The second part is split into 2 parts. With this maintenance the first part will be implemented.
This update will enable some additional features. To access these features you need one of the following items placed into your MyHome:

- Wheeled Pastel Closet (IM)
- Wheeled Colorful Closet (IM)
- Wooden Closet (IM)
- Lady in Pink Closet (IM)
- Cracker Closet (can be obtained at the Vending Machine for 50 Silver Coins)

Following new features have been implemented:

If a closet is placed into your MyHome the tabs at the top of the Costume Inventory are enabled. These filters allow you see only specific parts of the costumes (like tops, gloves, shoes, etc.) inside the Costume Inventory. By left clicking on the tabs the filer is activated. You can specify more than one filter at the same time. By clicking with the right mouse button on one of the tabs the filter clicked on will be activated and all other filters are removed. If you want to see your complete inventory again you can either disable filters by clicking on them to deactivate the selected ones or by clicking on the "Reset Filters" button below the inventory.


Select and Equip
If you hold down the left SHIFT key while clicking on a costume part you can select it. You are able to select one of each costume part (e.g. a top, a bottom,  a balloon, a weapon) and equip them all at once by clicking on the "Equip selected" button below the inventory.
If you want to deselect all selected items you can click on the "Clear Selection" button.
You can only select one of each costume part. If you make selections while you also selected filters, the items will stay selected when changing filters or when returning to the complete inventory view.
After equipping the selected items the selection is cleared.
By default the costume will be equipped as the costume of your character. If you open the character overview and select the IM page the selected costume will be equipped as IM gear.


Outlook on the upcoming features
The next part of this 2nd update will give you the opportunity to create a user-defined costume set and name it and then it can be equipped with only one click on the button.  Also this feature will be only available if a closet is placed in your MyHome.

New Moods for Field Maps
The following maps do have dawn, day, dusk and night moods now depending on your local time:
Misty Lane and Pine Cone Hill

Item Mall
- the Golden Dragon Mount has been removed
- the Midnight Calm Mount has been removed
- the Crazy Johnny's Pirate Weapon Box has been removed
- the Light and Dark Pixel Weapon Box has been removed

- the Midnight Scream Mount has been added (240 IM)
- the Flying Squirrel Mount has been added (240 IM)
- Parrell's Cutie Ballon Box has been added (80 IM)


Wedding Ceremonial Dress (advanced grade) NEW on Community Wish
Indigo Blues Outfit
Indigo Blues for Woman Outfit (female)
Colorful Hanbok Outfit (female)
Romantic Goth Outfit (female)
Chich Attendant (Black) Uniform




Black Bear Costume [Advanced Tab]
Snow Bear Costume [Advanced Tab]

Zeus Set (Special) [Special Tab]
Apollo Set (Special) [Special Tab]

Landlubber Costume [Deluxe Tab] (for only one more week!) 
Zeus Set [Deluxe Tab]
Modern Ninja Outfit [Deluxe Tab] 
Snake Set [Deluxe Tab]