Patch Notes 10/31/2019




Maintenance Notes

Patch Version 0.7.97, Client Version:


Server Maintenance

2019-10-31, 13:00 Server Time


Eternal Coin and Broken Relic Changes
You are now able to obtain Eternal Coins and Broken Relics from Hunter Capsules (starting with 1* Intermediate) and Lv. 40 Dony Bags by a rare chance. These can stacked over cap.

Eternal Coins are now capped to 999. Ancient Relic Boxes are capped to 499.

The cap is calculated from the items you have on your character and the ones which still reside in unopened Ancient Relic Boxes.

If one of the items already reached the cap, the dailies will no longer give Ancient Relic Boxes, instead it will give the particular item which is not already at cap. If both caps are reached neither Broken Relic nor Eternal Coins or Ancient Relic Boxes are given anymore you use up some of the particular item.


1. You own 200 Broken Relics, 200 Eternal Coins and 20 Ancient Relic Boxes
in total you own: 240 Broken Relics and 240 Eternal coins. The dailies will continue to give Ancient Relic Boxes.

2. You own 998 Broken Relics, 400 Eternal Coins and 0 Ancient Relic Boxes
The dailies will give you Eternal Coins only because it always gives 2 and you already have 998 Broken Relics. 2 more can't be given

3. You own 400 Broken Relics, 380 Eternal Coins and 297 Ancient Relic Boxes
In total you own: 994 Broken Relics and 974 Eternal Coins. The Dailies will give you an Ancient Relic Box for the next 2 completed dailies. Then the amount of 998 Broken Relics is reached. After doing these 2 dailies you have 998 Broken Relics and 978 Eternal Coins. The next 10 completed dailies will give you 2x Eternal Coin only. After doing these you own 998 Broken Relics and 998 Eternal Coins. The dailies will then stop to give you any of these items.

4. You own 499 Ancient Relic Boxes you haven't opened
In total you own: 998 Broken Relics and 998 Eternal Coins. The dailies won't give you any of these items until you used any of them.

The dailies will still give you their usual Hunter Capsule, Monster Coins and Dony Bags. And you will still have the chance that the Hunter Capsules mentioned above and the Lv. 40 Dony Bags drop a Broken Relic or an Eternal Coin rarely. As already mentioned these can exceed the 999 cap of the items. Please know, that the dailies will not start to give these items until you are below the cap even though you got them from Hunter Capsules and Dony Boxes.


Expert Dungeons: More EXP!

Are you are real expert and did you show the game that you can beat the Expert Dungeons solo? Then you are great! But now it's even better to beat them in a Party!


Expert Mode Dungeons do now come with an EXP boost for parties depending on it's size.


1 Player: +0% Bonus EXP (as is)
2 Players: +25% Bonus EXP

3 Players: +66% Bonus EXP

4 Players: +100% Bonus EXP



Deckard's Helmet

The Van Cliff Expert Mode has now a chance to drop Deckard's Helmet.
It comes with the following stats:

Level Requirement: 69
STR +9, INT +9, AGI +9, HLT +15
Critical Damage +5%, Final Critical Success Rate +1%
Attack Speed +15%, Movement Speed +10%
Atk/Matk +225 (Scaling)


You can exchange this item at NPC Edward located at Dragon Valley or Edge of the World for an Deckard's Elemental Helmet which comes with the following stats:


Level Requirement: 80
STR +12, INT +12, AGI +12, HLT +20
Critical Damage +12%, Final Critical Success Rate +1.5%
Attack Speed +25%, Movement Speed +20%
Atk/Matk +275 (Scaling)
All Element Damage Rate +3

The exchange costs: 1x Deckard's Helmet, 50x Every Element Bless, 15x Purification Stone, 10x Weapon Enchant Dust Cube


Please notice the different level requirements of the Helmets before exchanging it!


 General Fixes and Changes
- Expert Mode Dungeons do not reward players anymore who do not participate in the fights (easier words: no end rewards are given)
- Pixel Saga Boss Kilonda no longer gets groggy or is affected by damage effects. That behavior was unintended and inconsistent to the other bosses and has been fixed