Patch Notes 11/14/2019




Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.8.0, Client Version:


Server Maintenance
2019-11-14, 13:00 Server Time


Vyvern Lounge
We are proud to introduce a place where you can hang out and chill. And besides this you can gather information or buy some instant HP/MP restoring food items.

Rudolph has decided to open a lounge at Port of the Winds West  If you go there you will notice a new entrance. Press 'Z' to ender when standing in front of it.


Instant HP/MP Restoring Food Items
NPC Tiffany, the bar tender of the Vyvern Lounge will sell a variety of food items to restore HP and MP instantly. Just talk to her to see what she has to offer. But be aware that the food items are level limited. However, if you bought too much you can sell the leftovers to any shop NPC for the same price you bought them.


Server Clock
When hanging around inside the Vyvern Lounge you will never get confused with timezones because you will see the server date and time right on the wall of the Vyvern Lounge. Additionally the Server Clock shows the current EXP rate on the particular channel.


Maintenance Timer
On the opposite side of the Vyvern Lounge there is another clock, but this one is a countdown clock which shows you how many time is left until the next regular server maintenance starts. It changes it's colors the closer the maintenance time is.


At the mailbox you can grab your mail or send mail. With this Vyvern Lounge Update all mailboxes at all cities only show the letter above them if you have unread mail.


Market and Rest EXP
Inside the Vyvern Lounge you can open the Market window and you also get resting exp.


Introduction Quest
You can get a quest to introduce the Vyvern Lounge at NPC Sofia.

Enjoy hanging out with friends!


Letter Event
Collect letterboxes by killing monsters inside Mission Maps (starting with Mirinae Sanctuary) and Dungeons (except for Magma Dungeon, Elements Dungeons, Galaxia Dungeons and Water Temple). When you open them you randomly get an alphabet block with a random letter. Build specific words from it and you can get boxes from the Vending Machine.


You can get an Element Support Box which contains randomly:
2x Adv. Ice Element, 2x Adv. Fire Element, 2x Adv. Nature Element, 2x Dark Element,
2x Ice Bless, 2x Fire Bless, 2x Nature Bless, 2x Dark Bless and 2x Protection from Spirits (rare)

You can get an Socket Card Support Box which contains randomly:
1x Mysterious Fragment Box
1x Socket Card Chest Key Box
1x Eternal Coin (rare)

You can get an Adventurer's Support Box which contains randomly:
25x Weapon Enchant Dust
50x Armor Enchant Dust
50x Soul
2x EXP Potion 1.5x
1x Money Bag Gasha Box
3x Skill Points +2

You can get a Galaxia Support Box which contains randomly:
1x Taurus Star Stone
1x Cancer Star Stone
1x Virgo Star Stone
1x Scorpio Star Stone
1x Hydra Star Stone
2x Galaxy Dungeon Coin
1x Star Fragment
1x Star Sign Admission Ticket
1x Concentrated Serpents Force
15x Soul
10x Armor Enchant Dust
5x Weapon Enchant Dust
2x Star Sign Golden Dust

You can get a Paris Mood Wing Box which contains randomly:
Paris' Vactation Wings
Paris' Bright Vactation Wings
Paris' Dark Vactation Wings
Paris' Dawn Wings
Paris' Dusk Wings
Paris' Night Wings
Paris' Rainbow Wings (rare)
The event runs until November, 28th 13:00 Server Time

General Fixes and Changes
- fixed a bug that prevented to use the portal to Nail Hill at Ellora Camp
- fixed a bug that the moods in the cities didn't work properly with the Winter theme
- fixed a bug that resulted in 5th hero items only costing 1 copper for repair



Dyonisus Set (Advanced)



Dyonisus Set (Artifact)