Patch Notes 11/26/2019




Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.8.2, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2019-11-26, 15:00 Server Time




Vyvern Lounge

The board which can be found at the front wall below the maintenance timer has now another new purpose. It is a newsboard and is able to show news posted by the Dragon Saga Team.

Go to the board and select the menu "Newsboard" if you want to read the messages.

Please know that this is currently a beta phase, some features are still missing and will be added by next week.



This is the message overview. A pinned post is always shown at the top of the list. If a message is important it will have a red frame and a flame icon.
Clicking on the particular post shows the text of the message.



After clicking on the message the complete message can be read in this window. Some messages can have external links to websites. If a link is provided the button at top lower right which is seen in this screenshot appears. When clicking on it your favorite browser starts and opens the link.



Thanks Giving Event 2019

Thanksgiving is near and it’s time starting to get yourself some chic clothing and prepare some food.

Kill monsters to have a chance to get a Thanksgiving Food Box dropped.
The monsters at the following locations have a chance to drop the box when they're slayed:

- in all Mission Map starting from Mirinae Sanctuary (Arcade Mode and Chaos Mode)
- in Drakos Tower and VanCliff (Regular and Expert Mode)
- in the following Dungeons: Underground Graveyard (Lv. 30 & Lv. 35), Akia Cave, Verdurous Forest, Kundara Dungeon, Red Fox Delta, Specter's Tower (Regular and Expert Mode)
- Dungeon of Destiny

This year it does not not only contain food but also the chance to get a Thanksgiving Surprise Box which contains a lot useful  stuff. It can be opened by using a Tur-Key which can be optained from the the Food Box as well if you are lucky.


Thanksgiving Food Box
This box randomly gives you one of the following:

4x Banana
4x Milk
3x Grapes
3x Lollipop
2x Breadroll
2x Parfait
2x Slice of Cake
2x Yogurt
3x Thanksgiving Surprise Box
1x Tur-Key


Thanksgiving Surprise Box
This box randomly gives you one of the following:

1 of 5 parts of the Chic Modern Set
1 of 5 parts of the Traditional Outdoor Set
1 of 5 parts of the Serious Business Set
Mushroom Balloon
Red Apple Balloon
Turkey Balloon

200x Soul
200x Armor Enchant Dust
200x Weapon Enchant Dust
10x Slice of Cake
10x Yogurt
5x Watermelon Slice

5x High Energy Plasma
1x Mysterious Fragment Box
2x Silver Coin
2x Tur-Key

1x EXP Potion 1.5x (1 hr)
1x [Event] Enchant Insurance Scroll
1x [Event] Reinforced Enchant Insurance Scroll
1x [Event] Reinforced Megaphone
1x [Event] Soul Craft Randomizer
1x [Event] Pet Option Randomizer
1x [Event] Jack’s Bean
1x [Event] Pet Dye Potion
1x [Event] Pet Name Changer


The Tur-Key is needed to open the Thanksgiving Surprise Boxes. It can be obtained either from the Thanksgiving Food Boxes, Thanksgiving Surprise Boxes or it can be obtained by exchanging

2x Banana
2x Grape
1x Breadroll
1x Slice of Cake

for 1 Tur-Key at the Vending Machine.

The event starts on November, 26th at 15:00 Server Time and ends on December, 5th at 13:00 Server Time.


X-Mas Calendar Event
Starting on December, 1st the NPCs at Port of the Winds have a small gift for you.
Everyday another NPC at PoW will have a Christmas Gift for you. Just go and grab it once per day for each character which is Level 40+. You will get one gift everyday until December, 25th.

Black Week Sale 2019

Item Mall

The following items are on sale from November, 26th 15:00 Server Time to December, 3rd 15:00 Server Time.


The following items are 50% off:


Insurance Scroll (10 pcs.) – 32 IM
Advanced Insurance Scroll (10 pcs.) – 42 IM
Reinforced Insurance Scroll (10 pcs.) – 40 IM
Advanced Reinforce Insurance Scroll (10 pcs.) – 50 IM
Soulcraft Randomizer (10 pcs.) – 120 IM
Advanced Soulcraft Randomizer (10 pcs.) – 160 IM
Soulcraft Extarctor (10 pcs.) – 160 IM
Card Insurance Scroll (5 pcs.) – 80 IM
Prime Pixel Insuarance Scroll (5 pcs.) – 75 IM

Jack's Bean Package (10 Jack's Beans) – 100 IM
[Normal] Drakos Fl. 50 Scroll (5 pcs.) – 70 IM
[Rare] Drakos Fl. 50 Scroll (5 pcs.) – 70 IM
[Hero] Drakos Fl. 50 Scroll (5 pcs.) – 80 IM
[Normal] Van Cliff Fl. B25 Scroll (5 pcs.) – 40 IM
[Rare] Van Cliff Fl. B25 Scroll (5 pcs.) – 40 IM
[Hero] Van Cliff Fl. B25 Scroll (10 pcs.) – 70 IM

Premium Shop License (10 pcs.) – 120 IM
Account Vault Extension – 120 IM
Costume Inventory Expansion – 250 IM
Guild Vault Expansion – 200 IM
Permanent Vault Expansion – 120 IM
Equipment Inventory Expansion – 80 IM
Consumables Inventory Expansion – 80 IM
Miscellaneous Inventory Expansion – 80 IM
IM Inventory Expansion – 60 IM
Socket Card Extractor (10 pcs.) – 340 IM
Zodiac Admission Ticket (10 pcs.) – 120 IM
Galaxy Dungeon Coin (10 pcs.) – 200 IM
Costume Soulbound Remover (3 pcs.) – 160 IM
Ring Coint (10 pcs.) – 150 IM
Soul Gem Extractor (5 pcs.) – 150 IM
W-Coin (10 pcs.) – 400 IM
Mount Food [30 days] (2 pcs.) – 120 IM

Pet Option Randomizer (10 pcs.) – 160 IM
Advanced Pet Option Randomizer (10 pcs.) – 210 IM
Pet Name Changer – 120 IM
Pet Dye Potion – 100 IM


Point Sale

The Point Sale event is running from November, 27th 16:00 Server Time to December, 2nd 13:00 Server Time.


WarpPortal Energy (WPE) conversion Bonus:
A bonus is given when converting your WPE points to IM points during the event period:


0-999 WPE  +5% Bonus
1000-2499 WPE +10% Bonus
2500-4999 WPE +20% Bonus
5000+ WPE +30% Bonus


Bonus when buying IM points via Steam:

$5 – 5% Bonus = 525 IM Points
$10 – 5% Bonus = 1050 IM Points
$15 – 10% bonus = 1650 IM Points
$20 – 10% bonus = 2200 IM Points
$30 – 15% bonus – 3450 IM Points
$40 – 15% bonus – 4600 IM Points
$50 – 20% bonus – 6000 IM Points