Patch Notes 1/23/2020




Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.8.13, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2020-01-23, 13:00 Server Time


Three Mini Events!
Running until February 6, 13:00 Server Time.

Expert EXP Event
During this event you will get 50% bonus EXP when killing monsters in the following dungeons:
City Hall Serwers, Underground Graveyard, Akia Cave, Verdurous Forest, Kundara Dungeon, Red Fox Delta, VanCliff Citadelle, Drakos Tower
The additional EXP is given in normal and expert modes!

Become Skilled Event
Kill Monsters in the Expert Mode of the Dungeons and collect the Book of Wisdom Box to have a chance to get more Skill Points.
When opening the box you can get randomly 1x Book of Wisdom, 2x Book of Wisdom, 3x Book of Wisdom, 1x +2 Skill Points (rare), 2x +2 Skill Points (rarer), 3x +2 Skill Points (rarest).
Don't throw away the books! 50 of them can be exchanged at the Vending for another +2 Skill Points scroll.
Please keep in mind, the boxes only drop in Expert Mode.

Newbie Level Up Event

Every character which is newly created during the event period starts with the following Equipment:
[Event] Anukus Helmet
[Event] Anukus Top
[Event] Anukus Bottom
[Event] Anukus Gloves
[Event] Anukus Shoes
[Event] Anukus Shoulders
and a weapon for their particular class. If a human character is created another weapon for the alternative class path is put into the inventory for use starting after the Lv. 20 Jobchange.


Happy Leveling!

General Fixes and Changes
- fixed a bug that the Blue and Red Wings are shown in white.




Taxi Driver Outfit (male)

Glitter Outfit (female)

Yukata Outfit (male)

Yukata Outfit (female)

Sweetie Attendant Red Uniform


Shiny Honey Bee Costume [Deluxe Tab]

Heartleass Sword Bear Costume [Deluxe Tab]

Dark Magician Outfit [Deluxe Tab]


Blue and Red Wing [Special Tab]

DeeNo Dinosaur Costume [Special Tab]

Tricera Dinosaur Costume [Special Tab]


Great Bear Doll [Advanced Tab]

Japanese Formal Outfit [Advanced Tab]