Patch Notes 3/26/2020




Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.8.21, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2020-03-26, 13:00 Server Time



Changes to Socket Cards
As preparation to an upcoming update the following Socket Cards can no longer be found in the Special Socket Card Box:
Aim Rate Socket Card
Evade Rate Socket Card
Block Rate Socket Card

Additionally every existing Aim, Evade and Block Rate Cards can no longer be traded, sent by mail or offered in the open market. They can be sold at an NPC Shop for 50 Silver each.

Changes to Items
As preparation to an upcoming update Aim Rate, Evade Rate, Block Rate and Block Damage stats have been removed from IM MixBoard/BigWheel Costume Set Effects and Set pieces, in-game Dungeon Sets (for example: Protector of Stars, Secmathian, Mist Elf, etc.) and Dungeon Accessory Sets (for example: Lava Accessory, Aram Accessory, etc.)  and have been replaced by different stats (mainly FCR and MS where applicable). 
On Katars and Shields for the Knight Class the Block stats have been removed.


St. Patrick's Day Event
The St. Patrick's Day Event is ending. Leftover Fresh Clover can still be exchanged at the Vending Machine for another week.


Romantic Goth Outfit (female)
Black Kendo Suit
Detective Costume
Snow Bear Costume
Eruda Highschool Uniform (male)
Eruda Highschool Uniform (female)
Blue Brave Knight Costume


Child Maid Uniform [Special Tab]
High-Priest Outfit (male) [Special Tab]
High-Priest Outfit (female) [Special Tab]
School of Sorcery Uniform [Special Tab]

Crazy Clown Costume [Deluxe Tab]
Angel's Set of Health [Deluxe Tab]
Modern Ninja Outfit [Deluxe Tab]