Patch Notes 4/20/2020




Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.8.33, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2020-04-20, 15:00 Server Time



DragonSaga Evolved

Bug Fixes
- the option to enable and disable the Penalty View is now properly working
- fixed a bug which caused that the Penalty View Tooltip is not shown when only the weapon has a penalty


- the HP of Monsters until Lv. 7 has been lowered to make the early game easier for newcomers
- the HP of Field Monsters in Pixel Saga has been adjusted
- the HP and overall stats of the Pixel Saga Bosses Imbemba and Kilonda has been adjusted
- the boss monsters in the Easter Forest event cannot longer be X-Resistent monsters
- the boss monster in the Haruka event has been adjusted
- Flag Spikes on BSQ maps cannot be X-Resistent anymore
- the damage of boss monsters has been adjusted
- repair costs of weapons and gear are halved now
- revive costs in missions maps have been halved
- Hercules' HP in the Galaxy Dungeons has been increased
- the Gada Coin cost to get the set item at the end of the mission maps has been reduced to 1

Gear Penalty Change
The Gear Penalty is now linked to the Map Level instead of the Player Level. If the map automatically adjusts the level it is always the player level (for example Verglas Ridge, Dragon Valley, Perimeter-B, etc.). Expert Modes, F6 and F7 modes are always linked to the player level.


Protective Aura
After entering a map the character now gets a protective aura for 2 seconds which prevents that he can be hit by monsters.