Patch Notes 5/14/2020




Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.8.38, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2020-05-14, 13:00 Server Time




DragonSaga Evolved

Bug Fixes
- Gada coins should finally be usable in the Perimeter-B mission map

- replaced/removed useless stats on several items
- replaced useless stats on the knight/paladin class tree's in-game gear sets


Furniture Grind Mini Event
Kill monsters to get Adorable Fish from them. You can exchange 50 Adorable Fish for a Furniture Box at the Vending Machine which contains randomly one of these MyHome furniture items:

Strawberry Wafer Cookie Desk

Chocolate Pie Table

Cracker Closet

Pretzel Window

Sherbet Wafer Desk

Strawberry Whipped Cream Cookie Sofa

Cheese Cookie Cherry Mirror

Milk Chocolate Fireplace

Strawberry Wafer Candy Safe

Woodworking Lathe


Mini Mini Garden


Gem Maker

Lucky Pig Statue Gold

Lucky Pig Statue Silver

Lucky Pig Statue Bronze

Panda Statue Gold

Panda Statue Silver

Panda Statue Bronze

Lion Statue Gold

Lion Statue Silver

Lion Statue Bronze

Pororing Statue Gold

Pororing Statue Silver

Pororing Statue Bronze


The Adorable Fish is dropping everywhere except for hidden maps.

The event runs until May 28, 13:00 Server Time.