Patch Notes 7/16/2020




Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.8.55, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2020-07-16, 13:00 Server Time




The Summer Event is still running until July 30 13:00 Server Time.


Enchant/Soulcraft Success Chance Event
The Enchant and Soulcraft Success Chance Event has been extended until the end of the Summer Event. The Scroll down... a bit event has ended and the quest has been removed.


Quality of Life: UI Improvements

Inventory Level Indicator
Did you ever face the situation that you were running the Destiny Dungeon for hours and forgot to check if your inventories are full and so you got the annoying temporary inventory or missed dropped items? We did. Often. Too often.
So we had the idea to add the new Inventory Level Indicator to the game.


You can find it below the repair/penalty indicator "man".
The indicator shows you the current state of your 4 main inventories (from left to right): Equip, Cons, Misc, IM. The icons are "color coded" to show you quickly what the current state is:
Red: the particular inventory has only 8 or less free slots left.
Yellow: the particular inventory has 50% or less free space left.
Green: the particular inventory has more than 50% free space left.

Below the icons a number shows the remaining free slots of the particular inventory. If an inventory is completely full that number turns into the text "FULL" written in red.

The Inventory Level Indicator can be configured in the options menu:



Show all indicators: All 3 colors of the different states are shown: Red, Yellow and Green
Show only yellow and red indicators: It does what it says, it only shows Red and Yellow indicators
Show only ref indicators: This does what it says as well, it only shows Red indicators.
Hide indicators: Completely turns off the indicator feature
Hide number of free empty slots: Turns off that the numbers of free slots are shown



Costume Inventory
The costume inventory is that bad thing that makes your costume parts disappear when you unequip them from the costume page. It's no mythos, it exists. If you're one of it's victims or you still can't find it you could simply press "T" (default key binding) or right-click on the Inventory Bag item to open the Costume Inventory page. OR ... you can use the brand new amazing button we added to the main inventory window to open the Costume Inventory from there.



Here is the proof that the Costume Inventory never was a hoax. It actually exists. Try the button and look at the Costume Inventory. You might find things you thought you lost.


Item Mall
Removed Sharp Paws Weapon BoxFlapping Wing BoxYongha's Yongha Balloon BoxParrot Wing Box.
Added Farrell's Dragon Balloon Box (80 IM each).
Added Adventurer's Cape Box (80 IM each).
Added Titan Wing Box (80 IM each).
Added Glacial Guardian Weapon Box (80 IM each).


General Fixes and Changes
- the Lavalon Dungeon Boss room has been modified. The meteor randomly falling down from above should not longer hit the player when standing at the cannon. The damage caused by the meteor has been reduced. The monsters should drop Mana Bullets easier.
- several useless stats on items have been removed


Village of Slumber: Mood

Village of Slumber now supports the 4 moods Day, Night, Dusk and Dawn depending on your PC's clock.


Pink Traditional Chinese Outfit (female)

Wedding Ceremonial Outfit

Blue Dino Egg Costume

Grape Sparkling Outfit (female)
Tropical Blue Outfit (male)
Summer Fun Outfit
Orange Beach Fun Outfit
Sassy Surfer Outfit

Peach Blossom Outfit (female) [Special]
Tropical Greeen Outfit (male) [Special]
Child Maid Outfit [Special]

Poseidon Set [Artifact]

Dark Magician Outfit [Artifact]

Modern Ninja Outfit [Artifact]