Patch Notes 8/13/2020





Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.8.60, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2020-08-13, 13:00 Server Time




Big End-of-Summer Letter Event
Collect letterboxes by killing monsters inside Mission Maps (starting with Mirinae Sanctuary) and Dungeons (all modes, except for Magma Dungeon, Elements Dungeons, Galaxia Dungeons and Water Temple). When you open them you randomly get an alphabet block with a random letter. Build specific words from it and you can get boxes from the Vending Machine.


You can get an Element Support Box which contains randomly:
2x Adv. Ice Element, 2x Adv. Fire Element, 2x Adv. Nature Element, 2x Dark Element,
2x Ice Bless, 2x Fire Bless, 2x Nature Bless, 2x Dark Bless and 2x Protection from Spirits (rare)


You can get an Adventurer's Support Box which contains randomly:
25x Weapon Enchant Dust
50x Armor Enchant Dust
50x Soul
2x EXP Potion 1.5x
1x Money Bag Gasha Box
3x Skill Points +2


You can get an Event Mask Box which contains randomly one of 15 [Event] Masks.


This Cookie Ingredients Box contains contains EXP Cookie ingredients.


You can get a Food Box which contains randomly:
3 x Bread Rolls
3 x Parfait
2 x Slice of Cake
2 x Yogurt
1 x Hamburger
1 x Blueberry Juice


You can get a Socket Card Support Box which contains:
1x Mysterious Fragment Box
1x Socket Chest Key Box


You can get a Big Event Costume Box which contains randomly:
Pink Baseball Groupy Costume (female)
White Baseball Groupy Costume (female)
White Baseball Costume (unisex)
Black Baseball Costume (unisex)
Blue Basketball Uniform (unisex)
White Basketball Uniform (unisex)
Chic Modern Costume (unisex)
Traditional Outdoor Outfit (unisex)
Serious Business Suit (unisex)
Super Beetle Costume (unisex)
Jonathan's Suit (unisex)
Joseph's Suit (unisex)
Brindle Suit (unisex)
Leopard Suit (unisex)
Black Fedora
Navy Fedora
Red Fedora
Dandy Sunglasses


You can get a Box which randomly contains one part of the Cupid Event Costume set.


You can get a Balloon Rummage Box which contains randomly one of several balloons.


You can get a Balloon Rummage Box which contains randomly one of a lot of funny and crazy hats.


You can get a Galaxia Star Stone Box which contains randomly:
Weapon Enchant Dust
Armor Enchant Dust
Silver Coin
Taurus Star Stone
Cancer Star Stone
Virgo Star Stone
Scorpio Star Stone
Hydra Star Stone


You can get a Parchment Wing Box which contains randomly one of 3 differently colored Parchment Wings.


Unused letters can be considered as blanks and can be thrown away or kept for the next event. It's not recommended to buy unused letters from the open market.

The Event runs until September 3, 13:00 Server Time.


Dragon Saga Evolved: Party Buff Rework

The Party Buff system has been completely reworked. It is no longer class based instead it is based on party size and the party member level.

There are now 8 Party Buff levels available (1* Party Buff – 8* Party Buff). The level of the party buff given depends on the lowest party member level.  Example: if the party consists of 3 members which are between level 80 and 85 and one party member has level 40 the system will pick the party buff which belongs to lv. 40~49 which is a 4* Party Buff. Since the party has 4 members it will be the 4* Party Buff Lv. 4 (for 4 members).
Every member of the party will get the exact same buff. The Lv. shown behind the Party Buff reflects the number of party members (X* Party Buff Lv. 2 = 2 Members, Lv. 3 = 3 Members, Lv. 4 = 4 Members).

As before, the party buff is only given to players which are on the same map as the party leader. This behavior has not changed.


Important: Party buffs will be given to parties consisting of members being Level 10 or higher.



List of Party Buff Levels

Quality of Life: Eternal Coins/Broken Relics Indicator



The number of Eternal Coins and Broken Relics you have in your inventory are now shown below the minimap. The number turns red when the maximum amount of these items is reached. It turns orange if around 90% of the maximum number is reached.

Item Mall

Item additions and removals
Removed Blue Bob Car, Violet Mini, Naughty Pink, Cool Sportster, Papyrus Wing Box, Adventurer's Cape Box, Legerity Weapon Box, Burnanun's Hoggy Balloon Box.
Added Golden Dragon Mount (240 IM).
Added Midnight Scream Mount (240 IM).
Added Flapping Wings Gasha Box (80 IM each).


The Star Support Pet Box and the Flora Semina have been moved to the Pet category.


Eruda Highschool Uniform (male)
Eruda Highschool Uniform (female)
[Best] Villain's Outfit (male)
[Best] Villain's Outfit (female)
[Best] High Elf Magic Outfit (male)
[Best] High Elf Magic Outfit (female)
[Best] Shiny Funk Look Outfit (male)
[Best] Shiny Funk Look Outfit (female)
Classic Attendant Dress Light Grey


Legendary Magician Outfit [Special]
High Priest Outfit (male) [Special]
High Priest Outfit (female) [Special]
Naughty Little Devil Costume [Special]

Mighty Warrior Outfit [Artifact]

Inka Shaman Outfit [Artifact]

Super Dragon Ranger Costume [Artifact]