Patch Notes 9/10/2020





Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.8.64, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2020-09-10, 13:00 Server Time




Dragon Saga Evolved

Removed the need of Chaos Scrolls to enter F2 Mission Map Mode

It is no longer needed to own a chaos scroll to be able to enter the F2 Mission Mode. It is still necessary to have the Arcade Mode completed before entering the Chaos Mode for the first time. Chaos Scrolls can still be used to teleport directly into the F2 Mission Mode from any location. Boss Monsters in the mission maps are no longer dropping Chaos Scrolls but they can still be exchanged at the Dragonlord's Room at Libra and Moonlight Shore Village for Devil Soul Stones. Devil Soul Stones can be obtained by killing monsters in Hidden Maps appropriate for your particular level range.



Job Change Lv. 40 change
To JobChange you know need to have the Quests Fight to Death Against Drake! and The Postlude of Destruction to get the final JobChange Quest. Additionally the daily Quest Stop Lavalon's Revival becomes available when Farrel's Diary – Second Part (Valid Raeth F5) is completed.
In short this means that you now have to defeat Lavalon first before being able to jobchange.



Special Reward Items (formerly known as Rank Items)
The following items have been added as Special Reward Items:

Mirinae Sanctuary (Artis):
Shackle of Curse – Change: Movement Speed -20% replaced by Attack Speed -20%

Valid Raeth (Chief Rokko):
Skeleton Bandage

Forgotten Village (Bubobubo):
Beetle Pendant – Change: Equipment position changed from Necklace to Wrist

Land of Tempation (Pythanous):
Yeti's Belt –Changes: STR +6 replaced by STR +15, Max HP +300 replaced by Max HP +3.0%


Changes to the Galaxy Dungeon
- the scaling of the monsters is now selected by the highest level of all party members not by the party leader anymore
- party break-in has been disabled for Galaxy Dungeons



General Fixes and Changes
Bug Fix: fixed a bug that in Drako's Tower end reward an empty item has been selected in rare cases (Normal and Expert mode)
Bug Fix: fixed a bug that the Arcadia Continent is shown at the teleport menu even though the player has not discovered the existence of Arcadia
Bug Fix: added missing exchange option for the Abandoned Facility Chaos Scroll at the Elga Head NPC



Item Mall

Item additions and removals
Removed Golden Dragon Mount, Midnight Scream Mount, Summer Wing Box, Flapping Wing Box, Bee Wing Box, Protector of the Universe Weapon Box
Added Sharp Paws Weapon Box (80 IM).
Added Wild Paws Weapon Box (80 IM).
Added Papyrus Wing Box (80 IM).
Added Flying Squirrel Mount (240 IM).
Added Midnight Calm Mount (240 IM).



Odellia Highschool Uniform (male)
Odellia Highschool Uniform (female)
Yukata Outfit (male)
Yukata Outfit (female)
Classic Attendant Dress (Berry)
Lovely Penguin Costume
Woodie Leg Costume
Pirate Worker's Costume
Dionysus Set (Advanced) for the last time this year!


Captain Popstar Outfit (male) [Special]
Captain Popstar Outfit (female) [Special]
[Best] Fantasy Priest Outfit [Special]
Apollo Set (Special) [Special]

Zeus Set [Artifact]

Devil's Set of Agility [Artifact]

Modern Ninja Outfit [Artifact]
Dionysus Set (Artifact) [Artifact] for the last time this year!